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Bodas de sangre - Vhs - Pal

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Bodas de sangre - Vhs - Pal Ref.: 504800001
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Saura's first attempt at a musical yielded succesful results. The movie's main theme is Antonio Gades' mythical baile on Federico García Lorca's "Bodas de sangre" and it's latest example. It was the first collaboration between two of the great names in Spanish culture, Saura and Gasdes, and it was so succesful that it was the first of a series of collaborations.
There is a wedding celebration in an Andaluz town. The bride is still in love with her old boy-friend, Leonarde. Once the wedding has been consuamted she passionately gives herself and elopes with him. The abandoned groom chases after them and, when he finds them, he challenges Leonardo to a duel with knives in which they both wind up dying. Lorca's tragic poetry, life's tragic feeling, death and the violence that followes around the men all their lives is reflected in the omen and anguish of the mother, who has lost her husband for a crime and one of her sons for another.


Leonardo: Antonio Gades
Bride: Cristina Hoyos
Groom: Juan Antonio
Mother: Pilar Cárdenas
Woman: Carmen Villena
Woman who sings a nana: Marisol
Man who sings 'Sombrero": Pepe Blanco
Invitados a la boda: El Güito
Lario Díaz
Enrique Esteve
Elvira Andrés
Azucena Flores
Cristina Gombáu
Marisa Neila
Antonio Quintana
Quico Franco
Candy Román
Guitar players: Emilio de Diego
Antonio Solera
Cantaores: José Mercé
Gómez de Jerez.
Director: Carlos Saura
Storyline: La obra teatral de Federico García Lorca
Production: Emilio Piedra Producciones
Adaptation: Alfredo Mañas
Cameras: Teodoro Escamilla
Music: Emilio de Diego
Coreography: Antonio Gades
Decoration: Rafael Palmero
Wardrobe: Francisco Nieva
Set: Pablo G. Del Amo
Direction assistant: Julián Marcos
Script: Antonio Artero
Production chief: Gustavo Quintana
Production assistant: Emilio Otegui
Floor manager: Manuel Rincón
Microphones: Miguel A. Polo
Lenght: 71 min.
In dedication to Emma Penella.

VHS - PAL system
Spanish language.
Available only for PAL system videotapes.
Video PAL system for Europeam countries. Video NTSC system for Americam and Asinan countries.

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