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Carmen - Carlos Saura - Dvd - Pal

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Carmen - Carlos Saura - Dvd - Pal Ref.: 50480SF308D
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Throughout the years Saura and Gades' second collaboration has turned into one of the best remembered and most praised films, especially outside Spain, by the Aragonese director. 'Carmen' is the tale of Antonio, the director of a baile company who is putting together 'Carmen' de Bizent. When he finds the ideal actress for the starring role, an ill relationship is born and is explained in the opera's script. 

This is a tale of love and jelousness where dark desires drive the characters to destruction. It's not worth rationalizing the facts the build the story; the plot is strong enough to create a downard spiral that closes at the end of the drama. Carmen's story is one of a devouring obsession. A tale of love and indifference. In our Carmen we have incorporated Spanish dance and music as a form of live expressiona in parallel to opera music, immersing us in this mythical character who drives us with jelousness to tragedy.

Director: Carlos Saura.

Available only for PAL system DVD player.
Dvd PAL system for Europeam countries.
Dvd NTSC system for Americam and Asinan countries.
Please make sure you are able to read this kind of video before ordering them.

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