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  • Nights in Casa Patas ' Furia Maya' - Dvd 23.97€ #50489DVD-NOCHESO2 Ref.: 50489DVD-NOCHESO2

    Nights in Casa Patas ' Furia Maya' - Dvd

    'Furia Maya'. Live show recorded at the Casa Patas Tablao, where the mystery of duende, the magic of flamenco and the charm of this art flow undisputably in a gripping show in which each one of its components displays his purity and power on stage. Juan Andrés Maya is the visible leader of the flamenco line-up made up of two other young dancers. Iván Vargas who aged only 17, has already...

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  • Nights in Casa Patas 'Suena Flamenco' - Dvd 23.97€ #50489DVD-NOCHES03 Ref.: 50489DVD-NOCHES03

    Nights in Casa Patas 'Suena Flamenco' - Dvd

    Baile: Susi Parra, Rosana Romero y Mara Martínez. Cante: Jonhy Cortés y Antonio "El Ciervo". Toque: Pino Losada y Basilio García. Violin: David Moreira. Cajón: Diego Álvarez "El Negro.This is an anthology of Flamenco in its most pure stage where baile, cante and toque are shown in different palos. The result is an image of flamenco roots fused with a fresh and contemporary breath. Performed...

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  • Paris 87 -88 - Camaron de la Isla - dvd - pal 28.15€ #50112UN20D Ref.: 50112UN20D

    Paris 87 -88 - Camaron de la Isla - dvd - pal

    A documentary with images from Camarón's performances in Paris in 1987 and 1988, accompanied by Tomatito's guitar, and an interview with this cante genious. As bonus material there are several pieces performed at the Cirque D'Hiver in March 1988, one of the six Paris performances, a videoclip and a photo album. This unedited document is a tribute to the greatest cantaor. Lenght: 90 min. PAL...

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  • Oscar Herrero en concierto - Dvd 28.10€ #50489RGBOSCA01DVD Ref.: 50489RGBOSCA01DVD

    Oscar Herrero en concierto - Dvd

    A flamenco guitar concert by the great master Oscar Herrero, who is accompanied by: Pedro Esparza (flute, sax and gaita (a wind instrument that is similar to a flute or chirimía, around 40 cm long)) and Jorge Palomo (percussion). Length: 54 minutesMultisystem DVD, compatible with PAL and NTSC systems. Suitable for use in any country.

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  • Jóvenes Maestros del Arte Flamenco - Rafael Campallo. DVD 29.90€ #50506T14C350 Ref.: 50506T14C350

    Jóvenes Maestros del Arte Flamenco - Rafael Campallo. DVD

    The farruca, soleá por bulerías, taranto and alegrías are the tracks of this record in which the young bailaor (flamenco dancer) Rafael Campallo is accompanied by some members of his family, who sing and as well as playing the guitar. This record can help listeners to get to know the Sevillian master from a more metric, more precise perspective, allowing us to get closer to his musical...

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  • Flamenco inheritance - Ketama - Documentary 17.95€ #50112UN574 Ref.: 50112UN574

    Flamenco inheritance - Ketama - Documentary

    It’s already on DVD the documentary about the Ketama group, directed by the german Michael Meert. It’s dedicated to Ray Heredia, member founder of Ketama, and also to the departed Antonio Flores. But the movie is also a revision of the history of three flamenco generations: The Habichuela (Juan and Pepe), their children (who integrated into Ketama) and their grandchildren: represent the past,...

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  • Jóvenes Maestros del Arte Flamenco. Vol. 1. DVD 28.25€ #50506T14C353D Ref.: 50506T14C353D

    Jóvenes Maestros del Arte Flamenco. Vol. 1. DVD

    This DVD contains four tracks with dance by María del Mar Moreno, and it has been thought up to learn and practice the art of flamenco, which is why it includes themes with dancing and the same themes without dancing. It includes the soleá, alegrías, seguiriyas and bulerías masterfully performed by the Jerez bailaora, María del Mar Moreno. She is accompanied by the singing of Luis Moneo and,...

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  • La noche flamenca - Dvd 30.25€ #50506T14C351 Ref.: 50506T14C351

    La noche flamenca - Dvd

    A live recording from the Sólo Compás Flamenco Tablao (Sevilla). Live dancing in sevillana, jaleo, bulería, tiento, soleá por bulerías, seguiriyas and alegría styles by José Galván, Juan Amaya 'El Pelón', Carmen Reina, Mercedes, Zoraida Ortega, Ana Japón and Pastora Galván. It includes an introduction on the history of tablaos in Spain. Multi-system DVD, compatible with PAL and NTSC....

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  • Víctor Monje Serranito, en concierto 2002. DVD 28.76€ #50489-SERRA01 Ref.: 50489-SERRA01

    Víctor Monje Serranito, en concierto 2002. DVD

    This recital has been recorded by the guitarist from Madrid Víctor Monge SerranitoVictor Monge 'Serranito', a Spanish composer born in Madrid who was self-taught and a professional since an early age, is considered one of the most talented guitarists of recent years. The Concierto de Guitarra Flamenca (Flamenco Guitar Concert) of the great master Victor Monge 'Serranito' is accompanied by Miguel...

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  • flamenco pop (karaoke) - (dvd) 38.85€ #50113PEI123 Ref.: 50113PEI123

    flamenco pop (karaoke) - (dvd)

    Two audio options: Karaoke and Solo. 'Flamenco Pop' consists of 12 songs which you can sing along with. Popular songs like Ketama's 'No estamos locos', Lolita's 'Sabor sabor', 'Tu me camelas' and 'Bandido' by Azucar Moreno.

    Price: 38.85 € (Without taxes)
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