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  • Bulls land collection 59.95€ #50701001 Ref.: 50701001

    Bulls land collection

    We will see all the elements that surround the life of the Brave Bull since he has been born  until he reaches its fullness. The cattle property, their ecology and characteristics. The contry men who raise the bull and live day by day next to him. The selection systems. The genetic races, their characteristics and their behavior, customs and reactions.Total sumary of  different chapters which ...

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  • Guadiana Ref.: 50489DVD-NOCHES04

    Guadiana "Esencia", dance, guitar and cante (vocals)

    "Esencia" . This is the title of a show recorded live in one of the most traditional flamenco tablaos in the whole of Spain: Casa Patas. Musicians: Guadiana - canteDavid Cerreduela - guitarPol Vaquero - danceIván Losada - guitarLucky Losada - cajónPedro Jiménez - piano Themes featured: 1.- “Que te olvidara” - Granaína Guadiana, CanteDavid Cerreduela, Guitar 2.- “Tierra flamenca” –...

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  • A mis soledades voy, de mis soledades vengo. José Menese - Dvd - Pal 19.90€ #50113BOA479 Ref.: 50113BOA479

    A mis soledades voy, de mis soledades vengo. José Menese - Dvd - Pal

    The voice of José Menese dazzels us with its art and knowledge in an impressive show inspired in the Spanish Golden Age classics.Recorded live in the Maestranza Theatre in Seville.

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  • Gitano - Joaquin Cortés. DVD PAL 14.50€ #50497FN532 Ref.: 50497FN532

    Gitano - Joaquin Cortés. DVD PAL

    Spanish dancing sensation Joaquin Cortes plays his first major dramatic role in this story about a musician who is struggling to put personal misfortune behind him. Andres (Cortes) is a flamenco singer who has just gotten out of prison after being falsely convicted of the murder of Romero (Antonio Carmona), a member of his band. As Andres tries to reacclimate himself to freedom, he discovers...

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  • Fados.Carlos Saura.(Edición especial) 19.95€ #50113FN604 Ref.: 50113FN604

    Fados.Carlos Saura.(Edición especial)

    SYNOPSIS:After "Flamenco" (1995) and "Tango" (1998) - nominated to the Oscar for best foreign movie -, Carlos Saura completes, in 2005, this trilogy of the urban and modern song with "Fados". After more than two years of investigation about the Fado, Carlos Saura takes an important step to the musical sort. For the previous musicals, Iberia, Flamenco and Tango.. Carlos Saura refered on the dance,...

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  • Live at the Albert Hall - Joaquin Cortés - dvd - pal 21.95€ #50497SME10D Ref.: 50497SME10D

    Live at the Albert Hall - Joaquin Cortés - dvd - pal

    Recorded on the second of June at The Royal Albert Hall in London. This DVD is the dancer Joaquín  Cortés' almost two-hour last performance recorded live at The Royal Albert Hall in London. In addition, there is an unedited 30-minute interview with the dancer, with subtitles in english, in which he speaks of his influences, techniques and other things. Artists:Cante: Antonio Carbonell, Juan...

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  • La reina del embrujo gitano - Carmen Amaya - Cd + Dvd - Pal 29.35€ #50535AD341 Ref.: 50535AD341

    La reina del embrujo gitano - Carmen Amaya - Cd + Dvd - Pal

    The most temperamental, tragic and passionate figure in flamenco dancing was also capable of expressing the captivating emotion of the gypsy race as a cantaora (flamenco singer). An essential pack with spectacular images and hard to find footage of the biggest legend of flamenco dance. Including images from most of her filmography: Short films from the 40's and also scenes from the movies 'Maria...

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  • Blanco y Negro : Bebo Valdés y Diego 'El Cigala' - Dvd - Pal 22.55€ #50511BMG337DV Ref.: 50511BMG337DV

    Blanco y Negro : Bebo Valdés y Diego 'El Cigala' - Dvd - Pal

    On the same day in which Bebo Valdés and Diego El Cigala collected a platinum record for 'Lágrimas Negras', they presented 'Blanco y Negro'. It is a documentary whose first DVD features a live concert recorded in Palma de Mallorca in the summer of 2003. The second DVD is a documentary on the rehearsals and the making of the record, which is directed by Fernando Trueba, the Spanish film director...

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  • Sara Baras: Mariana Pineda basada en una obra de Federico García Lorca. (dvd-Pal) 23.10€ #50113SME329 Ref.: 50113SME329

    Sara Baras: Mariana Pineda basada en una obra de Federico García Lorca. (dvd-Pal)

    'MARIANA PINEDA, DE SARA BARAS Y SU BALLET FLAMENCO'In a superior performance of both Flamenco Ballet and Sara Baras art the version of MARIANA PINEDA is magnificent.Mariana Pineda held in her hands, not to to defeat but to die for at a gallows, two weapons, love and freedom, that constantly stabbed her in the heart. Garcia Lorca wrote these words hours before the Buenos Aires release of this...

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  • Nights in Casa Patas 'Puro Gayardó' - Dvd 23.97€ #50489DVD-NOCHES01 Ref.: 50489DVD-NOCHES01

    Nights in Casa Patas 'Puro Gayardó' - Dvd

    'Puro Gallardo' (pure coffee), a show which like a good coffee is loaded with strength and flavour, recorded live in the flamenco tablao Casa Patas. Dance, guitar and voice together take on the form of pure emotion which moves the audience. Temas interpretados: 1 "Pasos que se vuelven" (Siguiriya) Baile: Mari Paz Lucena y Miguel Téllez Toque: Pepe Maya y Juan SerranoCante: Emilio Gabarre,...

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