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Spanish Flamenco guitar interactive method. DVD. PAL

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Spanish Flamenco guitar interactive method. DVD. PAL Ref.: 505320004
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This method has been designed to make it easy to learn the Spanish Flamenco guitar, in which we show you the guitar toques by stave, by tablature and by video, at all times following the teacher-student concept of traditional Flamenco guitar by transmitting the information both orally and visually.
Languages: Spanish, English, French, German.
- The maestro
- The guitar workshop
- Techniques and exercices
- Toques (Sevillana, Rumba1, Tango, Fandango1, Soleá, Bulería, Fandango2, Rumba2)

Available only for PAL system DVD player.
Dvd or Video PAL system for European and Australian countries. Video NTSC system for American and Asian countries.
Please make sure you are able to read this kind of video before ordering them.
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