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Flamenco guitar for beginners

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Complete method to lean flamenco guitar technic. It is the best method for the ones who want to start to play flamenco guitar.

The box contains 3 DVD
This method is the most complete and up to date version on the market; we can learn guitar very easily.
The flamenco guitar technic and music lenguage.
It is specially created for all who don't have any notion of the flamenco guitar neither of the music theory.
The 1º DVD is dedicated to know better the flamenco guitar. How to put the strings, tuning the guitar, the strings name,  tremolos, strum, etc. All these exercises will be repeated at three speeds, in order for the student to see in detail all the  movements of the hands.
The 2º DVD is dedicated to the major, minor and andalusian scales. The screen is designed to see in details and clearly  at the same time, the right hand the position of the fingers and the notes.
The 3º DVD is dedicated to the chords and the relationship between them. Relation of major, minor and andalusian chords.
In this DVD we can also see in details and clearly at the same time, the right hand, the left hand and the pattern of the neck of the guitar  where the position of the fingers and the notes are explained.

Interpreted by Juan Mª Real
Systems:  PAL, NTSC
Languages: spanish and english.

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