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The first solo live by Tomatito, now available. This is the conclusion of the double best of "Tomatito Anthology".
Anthology 1998-2008 is a dive in his best works recorded in studio or during live shows, always surrounded with his great flamenco friends (Camarón, El Cigala, El Guadiana, El Potito and Maria de los Angeles) and also with his jazzy friends, remembering his "mano a mano" wirh Michel Camilo on "Spain" (2000) and "Spain Again" (2007). Besides Tomatito recovers the voice track of Camarón (from the original masters of the Camaron's work) for the theme "Otra Galaxia" and, he introduces this new theme orchestrated "por bulerias" as "Soy fragüero".
On the second CD Tomatito gives us the pleasure to listen to him from Aguadulce: 20 magnificient and majestic minutes with the guitar and the performer as main protagonists, from the first "falseta" to the last chord. This is the first time that Tomatito brings out a live CD without the accompaniment of Camaron de la Isla.

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