Fandangos-Sevillanas-Boleras.Vol.2 El Baile Flamenco por Manuel Salado.

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Fandangos, Sevillanas-Boleras. The most complete collection to know all the secrets of this art. LEVEL BIGINNER/MEDIUM LEVEL.
Due to its plastic beauty and its technical expertise, but mainly due to the power of its expression and emotion, flamenco dancing is nowadays at a climax and has gained a prestige that makes it very attractive in every area of the world.
This collection of DVDs and CDs introduces this wonderful world to beginners and helps to perfect the skills of those who are already initialised or at an average standard through an easy method that combines flamenco roots with technical tips. This wise combination, together with the latest image technology, makes this collection a real Flamenco School.
Each volume in this collection includes a DVD and a CD that contain all the information needed to learn several flamenco structures or styles, with concise and detailed explanations as well as useful tips. They were designed by a team of professionals with a broad experience in flamenco teaching and braodcasting
The DVDs show first the artist performing the whole dance to be learnt. After this, we can see the same dance showing only the movements. Finally, the exercise will be replayed once more, but showing only the positions of the feet. All the dances and exercises are divided into sections and are preceded by a narration.- Which can be played in any of four languages: English, French, Japanese or Spanish- that gives an overview and introduces the dance. The musical accompaniment is composed of song, guitar and hand clapping.
The CDs reproduce the music of the whole dance a number of times so that the student gets used to the tempo and rhythm. Afterwards, the music is played without the heel tapping and the student has the opportunity to even practice singing.
These two formats complement each other perfectly and make this collection the best instrument for all those wishing to take part in the passion that is flamenco dancing.


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