Soleá por Bulerías

06-24-2008  |  0 commentaires

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Step by Step. The rhythmic patterns of Flamenco ``I see Flamenco dancing as a pure and universal art form. I am completely convinced that everyone can dance Flamenco´´ Adrián Galia.
We present a collection of 21 DVDs that demonstrate the truth of this statement . Directed by the great master of Flamenco dancing , Adrián Galia, we will take a detailed look at the passionately exhilarating world of Flamenco culture. Step by Step , we go over all the rhythmic patterns of Flamenco- known as ``palos´´-getting deeply into, not only technique, but also the magic , and unmistakable air of this unmatchable art, in order to capture its essence.
Hands, arms, head and shoulders, Flamenco-style tap dance. Instructional DVDs that are the passport to the best way of learning Flamenco, including all of the song forms and rhythmic patterns, from Alegrías to Tangos, taking in Bulerías, Siguiriyas, Soleá...
An indispensable series for anyone who admires, and wishes to learn, everything related to this culture that is at once so Spanish and universal.

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