Guajiras-Tanguillos Vol.17 El Baile Flamenco por Manuel Salado

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Guajiras-Tanguillos. ADVANCED LEVEL. The most complete collection to perfect the technique of this art.
Flamenco dancing currently has reached a prestigious peak that makes it specially attractive across all countries in the world, due to its plastic beauty, its technical difficulty, but above all due to its feeling and expressive force.
In view of the success and demand of the ten volumes comprised in ``El Baile Flamenco´´(``Flamenco Dance´´; beginner/medium level), offer now a new delivery, this time, consisting of eleven volumes of an advanced level.
As in previous products, every pack contains a CD and a DVD with all the information required for the mastering of several styles or structures, with concise and detailed explanations designed by a team of professionals with extensive experience in flamenco dance teaching.
In the DVD, the artist first carries out the complete dance of the style on which the lesson is focussed.
After this, the same exercise is shown in different views, including full body, feet, arms and for some styles fans and shawls are also presented. All the dances and exercises are divided into sections and preceeded by a narration (which can be played in any of four languages: English, French, Japanese or Spanish) that presents and introduces them.
The musical accompaniment is of song, guitar and hand clapping. The CD includes the music for the whole dance, so that the student can examine and get used to the tempo and rhythm.
Afterwards, the music is played without the heel tapping.
Both formats, DVD and CD, complemented and offered in this second delivery of the collection. are the best instrument for everyone who wants to become a player in this unique passion that is flamenco dancing.

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