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  • David Palomar.La Viña: Canton Independiente 11.95€ #50046BJ211 Ref.: 50046BJ211

    David Palomar.La Viña: Canton Independiente

    If Aurelio Sellé, Manolo Vargas, Pericón or Chano had looked for a heiress maybe they wouldn't pay attention to this artist who started with the flamenco before becoming "flamencazo". They call him David Palomar and he has the grace of each one of them and also their curiosity and their liberality. Son of an independent side-street in Cadiz: La Viña, at which he doesn't keep...

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  • Omega. Enrique Morente 15.90€ #50112UN649 Ref.: 50112UN649

    Omega. Enrique Morente

    Enrique Morente crowns the dialogue between flamenco and rock, collaboraring with the group Lagartija Nick and flamencos like Vicente Amigo, Tomatito or Cañizares, to adapt the poems of Federico García Lorca and themes of Leonard Cohen.

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  • Frontera. Mixtolobo 11.95€ #50046BJ205 Ref.: 50046BJ205

    Frontera. Mixtolobo

    A Flamenco guitar, an electric guitar, some percussions and an electric bass. The result is the group Mixtolobo. Two of them, Juan Diego Mateos and Jorge Gómez, present the first record result of this music symbiosis: the title is frontera. Rock’n’roll and flamenco are joined in Frontera, a fusion that is hopping mad. This fabulous disc is produced by Los Delinquentes.

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  • The Planets. An Egyptian opera 17.50€ #50113SME628 Ref.: 50113SME628

    The Planets. An Egyptian opera

    The band, from Granada,The Planets, throws its eighth album and the greatest work of the band. 'An Egyptian opera' is disc more opened, which reminds the most classic ofThe Planets, with psychedelic and spatial pop songs, catchy melodies among labyrinths of guitars and moving symphonies. Nevertheless, it’s their best conquest, and they obtain it with songs inspired by the Andalusian musical...

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  • Light metaphors. Cai 11.95€ #50046BJ201 Ref.: 50046BJ201

    Light metaphors. Cai

    Cai, legendary musical rock group from Andalusia with Light Metaphors that evokes an unique musical style, that marked a period in the Spanish music.

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  • Lo Mejor de Lole y Manuel. Nuevo Dia 20.50€ #50113SM610 Ref.: 50113SM610

    Lo Mejor de Lole y Manuel. Nuevo Dia

    An excellent best of no 2 Cds, including the greatest hits of the artistic couple who revolutionized the flamenco: Lole Montoya and Manuel Molina. This artistic couple never produced orthodox flamenco. The very sweet way to sing of Lole and the direct manner to play of Manuel have broken all the flamenco patterns. Manuel was member of the Andalusian rock group Smash (with Gualberto). From this...

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  • Inspiracion y locura - Pata Negra 13.10€ #50509NM487 Ref.: 50509NM487

    Inspiracion y locura - Pata Negra

    Inspiración y Locura (Inspiration and Madness) is the first record by Pata Negra without Raimundo Amador. His brother Rafael is left as the band's only member, with whom other musicians cooperate.  

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  • .... Llego el día. Triana 12.60€ #50113DEW36 Ref.: 50113DEW36

    .... Llego el día. Triana

    Triana's day came. The band's day came when Jesús de la Rosa, undoubtably the band's creative engine, died in a traffic accident. Many believe that had Jesús survived the band would have delivered a return to style from the first three albums.  It's simply guesswork, however, given that there's no proof in this album for there to be returning styles from the past. There are some very good...

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  • Sombra y Luz. Triana. CD 14.70€ #50113DEW165 Ref.: 50113DEW165

    Sombra y Luz. Triana. CD

    Sombra y Luz is the second part of the 'Una historia' compilation of this legendary 70's Andaluz rock band.It is an album full of seduction, folklor, rhythm and a lot of Triana-style progressive Andaluz-rock. In addition, 'Sombra y Luz' puts an exclamation point on the first third part of this band's life. After this album they change producers, cover designer and guitar player, given their music...

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  • Triana (un mal sueño) 11.45€ #50113FM196 Ref.: 50113FM196

    Triana (un mal sueño)

    It would be enough with comparing the cover with other ones to notice this album is different. The band's sour and deep feeling turns toward more of a festive one as is usual in superficial pop. What is true, however, is that their talent is clear even if they make pop as is seen in Una vez and Un mal sueño, which shows their deep Triana roots. The rest of the album is full of simple tracks like...

    Price: 11.45 € (Without taxes)
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