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  • Iberian piano. Chano Domínguez 21.50€ #50515EMI653 Ref.: 50515EMI653

    Iberian piano. Chano Domínguez

    Iberian piano is a happiness for the spanish music. In his new work, Chano Domínguez gathered the essence of Albéniz, Mompou, Granados and Falla work to create it again, immerse it in flamenco and jazz improvisation to transform it in something new with piano and musicians participation like Blas Córdoba ''El Kejío'' (sing, palmas), Tomás Moreno ''Tomasito''...

    Price: 21.50 € (Without taxes)
  • Our Coplas / The World I dreamed about (Pack 2 X 1)- Pastora Soler 15.50€ #50112UN571 Ref.: 50112UN571

    Our Coplas / The World I dreamed about (Pack 2 X 1)- Pastora Soler

    Pastora Soler, pack of cd’s ''Our coplas'' and ''The world i dreamed about''. Two essential records of Pastora Soler at the price of one. These ''coplas', 'our coplas' sing once more from the Pastora Soler voice. This one, his first record ''Our coplas'' with ten topics as popular as ''Triniá'', ''Romance of the queen María de las Mercedes'', ''Cape of grana and Gold'' amongst other. All...

    Price: 15.50 € (Without taxes)
  • Juanita Reina - 1942-1949 - Vol 1. 9.90€ #50535AD546 Ref.: 50535AD546
  • Juanita Reina - 1949-1953 - Vol 2. 9.90€ #50535AD547 Ref.: 50535AD547

    Juanita Reina - 1949-1953 - Vol 2.

    This cd offers 22 songs performed by Juanita Reina between 1943-1953.Juanita Reina was like a Montserrat Caballé of the copla. In her beginning she was known as Juanita and she left us like Doña Juana, one big star among the artists of the Andalusian singing. Juanita Reina was a very romantic singer. Juanita Reina, Juana Reina, Doña Juana Reina are the three stages in her way to perform the...

    Price: 9.90 € (Without taxes)
  • Armando Bohorquez. Canta a la tercera edad 11.95€ #50506T14C1316 Ref.: 50506T14C1316

    Armando Bohorquez. Canta a la tercera edad

    On this disc of Armando Bohórquez "Canta a la tercera Edad" you'll find songs like Maria de la O, Suspiros de España, Ojos Verdes, La Lirio... a total of 14 songs.

    Price: 11.95 € (Without taxes)
  • Armando Bohorquez. Ramillete de coplas 11.95€ #50999T14C569 Ref.: 50999T14C569
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