Cantando que es Gerundio. Siempre Así. CD

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Cantando que es Gerundio. Siempre Así. CD Ref.: 50511BMG160
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Disco 1

  • 1. Qué será de mí
  • 2. Vivir y amar
  • 3. Busqué en su corazón
  • 4. Mil formas de querer
  • 5. Quiéreme como te quiero yo
  • 6. Todo de tí me enamora
  • 7. Mi compañera
  • 8. Llueve en Sevilla
  • 9. Está la puerta abierta
  • 10. "Vamo a escucha" (vale todo)
  • 11. Te estoy queriendo tanto
  • 12. Lo voy a dividir
  • 13. Recetas populares
  • 14. Chica salvaje

Already established artists in Spanish music, 'Siempre Así' got to record
their third album with an international label. The 100.000 copies the sold
of 'Cantando que es gerundio' were amply surpassed after this band claimed
popularity for their performance in Infanta Dª Cristina y D. Iñaki
Urdangarin's bachelor party. This time around, their formula was the same
flamenco pop that made their two previous releases successful.
It could be said that Siempre Así's muic is a good way to explain Andalusian
folklore. A good formula to take the popular music from southern Spain to
national and international audiences. With its unmatchable formula for
rumba, Siempre Así has set a before and after their appearance in music
outlook and in addition they have become the 'kings' of their genre.

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