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  • Cantando que es Gerundio. Siempre Así. CD 14.700€ #50511BMG160 Ref.: 50511BMG160

    Cantando que es Gerundio. Siempre Así. CD

    Already established artists in Spanish music, 'Siempre Así' got to record their third album with an international label. The 100.000 copies the sold of 'Cantando que es gerundio' were amply surpassed after this band claimed popularity for their performance in Infanta Dª Cristina y D. Iñaki Urdangarin's bachelor party. This time around, their formula was the same flamenco pop that made their...

    Price: 14.70 € (Without taxes)
  • Jeros para siempre 8.900€ #50112UN387 Ref.: 50112UN387

    Jeros para siempre

    More than one hour with the music of Jeros y los Chichos.

    Price: 8.90 € (Without taxes)
  • Fruto del amor - Parrita 17.650€ #50515EMI242 Ref.: 50515EMI242

    Fruto del amor - Parrita

    Parrita does not provide anything new in this Fruto del amor album, named after a song he wrote about the joy being a father has brought him. He uses yet again the same recipe that has always made him succesful. Flamenco-like songs, balads and emotional lyrics. Some tracks are are stunningly similar to others.

    Price: 17.65 € (Without taxes)
  • La fuerza del destino. Bambino 9.250€ #50511BMG203 Ref.: 50511BMG203

    La fuerza del destino. Bambino

    A compilation of songs by this great artist. Bambino is considered the father of the pop Rumba. In 1961 her performed a rumba version of 'Bambino Picolino' by Renato Carosene and has been called that ever since. He made himself popular by translating the itialian song, along with rancheras and boleros, into Flamenco party which then went to rumba and the bulería. Passionatly, he laughs and cries...

    Price: 9.25 € (Without taxes)
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