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  • Las mejores rumbas de los manolos 13.650€ #50511BMG253 Ref.: 50511BMG253

    Las mejores rumbas de los manolos

    Los Manolos, are rumberos with a cheerful vocation. These Barcelona natives hit the spot with their rumba cover of All My Loving by The Beatles. They are a mix of concept-jokes and rumba and, in fact, are a mix between Gypsies and non-Gypsies from the Hostafrancs neighborhood. They sold many albums and turned their All My Loving cover into the summer anthem in the olympic Barcelona. Their succes...

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  • Bambino! 8.900€ #50112UN144 Ref.: 50112UN144


    Bambino was an intuitive and dramatic artists who took rumba and flamenco-like song to very personal places and this compiliation is proof of it.

    Price: 8.90 € (Without taxes)
  • Los chunguitos. 40 years, 40 songs 12.200€ #50113FN691 Ref.: 50113FN691

    Los chunguitos. 40 years, 40 songs

    “Los chunguitos. 40 years, 40 songs” is the title of the new album. Los Chunguitos bring out a new album on the occasion of its 40th Anniversary. They bring out a double album in a physical and digital form which includes some of the songs most representative of their repertoire. Over the twenty-five disc to date recorded, lots of numbers one and the songs that everybody knows like:...

    Price: 12.20 € (Without taxes)
  • 30 Canciones de Oro. Los Chichos 13.990€ #50112UN683 Ref.: 50112UN683

    30 Canciones de Oro. Los Chichos

    30 Canciones de Oro es un disco recopilatorio de Los Chichos que muchos de sus grandes éxitos. Encontrarás temas tan famosos como " Ni mas ni menos", "Son ilusiones" y "Perdoname".

    Price: 13.99 € (Without taxes)
  • Vuelven Los Amaya! 17.200€ #50112UN681 Ref.: 50112UN681

    Vuelven Los Amaya!

    Vuelven los Amaya! Los Amaya come back with all their hits recorded again and accompanied by Bebe, Macaco, Marlango, Rosario Flores, Antonio Carmona, El Canijo de Jerez, El Arrebato, Muchachito Bombo Infierno, India Martínez, Haze, Lichis and Marina, of Ojos de Brujo. This duo of Jose et Delfín Amaya brothers is very famous thanks to “Vete” their legendary song and...

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  • Hasta aquí hemos llegado. Los Chichos 20.500€ #50112UN585 Ref.: 50112UN585

    Hasta aquí hemos llegado. Los Chichos

    Since 1973... During these 35 years, Los Chichos have turned into a Spanish icon, a brand or more, a monument, such as the Osborne bull or "Las Ventas" square. During three decades Los Chichos went with the Spaniards everywhere: on Holidays, in parties, in the good moments but also in the bad ones...They overcame the trends, the governments... with simplicity, since today, with this tribute CD:...

    Price: 20.50 € (Without taxes)
  • Todo Chunguitos - Los Chunguitos 17.950€ #50515EMI562 Ref.: 50515EMI562

    Todo Chunguitos - Los Chunguitos

    The greatest hits by Los Chunguitos, including their 22 most famous songs.

    Price: 17.95 € (Without taxes)
  • Radiolé Alégrate (O.S.T) 16.950€ #50112UN685 Ref.: 50112UN685

    Radiolé Alégrate (O.S.T)

    If you like rumba, flamenco, sevillanas and copla, this is your compilation. Is a simple disc that includes the most popular songs. 21 essential songs. Some of the included artists are Estrella Morent, Jose Merce, Andy y Lucas, Los del Rio and more.

    Price: 16.95 € (Without taxes)
  • Gitano Cubano. Manzanita 16.250€ #50113WAM330 Ref.: 50113WAM330

    Gitano Cubano. Manzanita

    In this album, Manzanita covers a series of traditional Cuban songs with Gyspy music elements such as the Spanish guitar, the palms and the cajón meeting with cuban instruments like the claves, maracas, güiro, the tres and the chinese corneta.This was a project Manzanita looked forward to since the beginning of his musical career, given that he could always mix his rumba Cuban sounds: sones,...

    Price: 16.25 € (Without taxes)
  • Peret - Grandes Exitos 12.550€ #50511BMG470 Ref.: 50511BMG470

    Peret - Grandes Exitos

    The Catalan rumba cannot be understood without looking at Peret. This rumba starts off from the flamenco rumba but gives it more vitality and introduces an urban element into its lyrics. Peret has known how to merge it with other rhythms and to adapt a wide Latin American and Caribbean repertoire to this particular musical style. Borriquito, El gitano Antón, Una lágrima cayó en la arena,...

    Price: 12.55 € (Without taxes)
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