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  • Sopla Levante. Papa Levante. CD 9.75€ #50113FN70 Ref.: 50113FN70

    Sopla Levante. Papa Levante. CD

    Papá Levante was a band originally from Sanlúcar de Barrameda, formed in 2000 until 2006 when they dissolved. During this time period, they released three studio albums: 'Tomalacaté', 'Sopla Levante' y 'Pa ti, pa mi'. With their Sopla Levante album, they continue with great succes the summery style of music on which we all like to dance. There is an interactive track...

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  • Tomalacaté. Papa Levante. CD 8.90€ #50112UN229 Ref.: 50112UN229

    Tomalacaté. Papa Levante. CD

    This six young, sensual and explosive girls from Sanlúcar de Barrameda (nearby Cádiz), had a massive hit all over Spain with their debut singles 'Me pongo colorá', a song with a cheeky flamenco-pop sound, that had them appearing everywhere from TV shows, to magazine covers and hundreds of websites. Papa Levante intends tp give a new meaning to the word 'fusion'. In Tomalacaté they mix...

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  • The very best of Gipsy Kings 22.55€ #50511BMG573 Ref.: 50511BMG573

    The very best of Gipsy Kings

    Although this compilation contains many of the songs featured on their 1995 release "Best of the Gipsy Kings", this expanded two-CD set features many stellar tracks recorded since then. Featuring their unique style of pop-influenced flamenco, '¡Volare! The Very Best of The Gipsy Kings' is a passionate and uplifting collection featuring familiar, but not exhausted, Spanish-language songs.

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  • 30 Grandes éxitos y un ramito de violetas. Manzanita 23.05€ #50113SME409 Ref.: 50113SME409

    30 Grandes éxitos y un ramito de violetas. Manzanita

    For the very first time, in two cds, the best songs of Manzanita. An incredible voice and a amazing carreer, in this compilation you will find tittles like 'Verde' or 'Ramito de violetas'.

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  • Radiolé Alégrate (O.S.T) 16.95€ #50112UN685 Ref.: 50112UN685

    Radiolé Alégrate (O.S.T)

    If you like rumba, flamenco, sevillanas and copla, this is your compilation. Is a simple disc that includes the most popular songs. 21 essential songs. Some of the included artists are Estrella Morent, Jose Merce, Andy y Lucas, Los del Rio and more.

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  • Gitano Cubano. Manzanita 16.25€ #50113WAM330 Ref.: 50113WAM330

    Gitano Cubano. Manzanita

    In this album, Manzanita covers a series of traditional Cuban songs with Gyspy music elements such as the Spanish guitar, the palms and the cajón meeting with cuban instruments like the claves, maracas, güiro, the tres and the chinese corneta.This was a project Manzanita looked forward to since the beginning of his musical career, given that he could always mix his rumba Cuban sounds: sones,...

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  • Peret - Grandes Exitos 12.55€ #50511BMG470 Ref.: 50511BMG470

    Peret - Grandes Exitos

    The Catalan rumba cannot be understood without looking at Peret. This rumba starts off from the flamenco rumba but gives it more vitality and introduces an urban element into its lyrics. Peret has known how to merge it with other rhythms and to adapt a wide Latin American and Caribbean repertoire to this particular musical style. Borriquito, El gitano Antón, Una lágrima cayó en la arena,...

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  • Km 8. Siempre Así 18.85€ #50511BMG386 Ref.: 50511BMG386

    Km 8. Siempre Así

    With fresh rumbas and the happiness of the spanish music, you will find here a classical party in live, 'Vamos a escucha', in which we always invite some of our artisic friends. Like Los Moranos, José Manuel Soto and Concha Martin. 'Siempre Asi' fans should remember Conchita with her song 'De mis entrañas...'. If before the song was 'A mi manera', this time Concha sings the classical 'Venecia...

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  • Diez y Cuarto. Siempre Así. CD 9.75€ #50511BMG702 Ref.: 50511BMG702

    Diez y Cuarto. Siempre Así. CD

    In December of 1998 Siempre Asi launched their new CD "Diez Y Cuarto" ("Diez" because they were ten people in the band at that time, and "cuarto" because it was their fourth CD. They thought it would be nice to record TV clowns´ songs that they used to sing during their concerts in a casual way. In a certain way, this gave them the opportunity to go back to their childhood. Thank to this...

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  • Cantando que es Gerundio. Siempre Así. CD 14.70€ #50511BMG160 Ref.: 50511BMG160

    Cantando que es Gerundio. Siempre Así. CD

    Already established artists in Spanish music, 'Siempre Así' got to record their third album with an international label. The 100.000 copies the sold of 'Cantando que es gerundio' were amply surpassed after this band claimed popularity for their performance in Infanta Dª Cristina y D. Iñaki Urdangarin's bachelor party. This time around, their formula was the same flamenco pop that made their...

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