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  • Tradicions Catalanes. 2CDS 7.95€ #50080023153 Ref.: 50080023153

    Tradicions Catalanes. 2CDS

    The Catalonian music has always had a different character. It is the artistic expression of people thinking in a special way. The reflect of their culture.

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  • Alborada Galega. 2CDS 7.95€ #50080023351 Ref.: 50080023351

    Alborada Galega. 2CDS

    ''Alborada Galega'' is a double CD with 24 songs of Galician music. You will find popular songs like: Muñeira da miña tierra, A miña aldea, Muñeira popular, Himno al apóstol Santiago. The traditional Galician music has an amazing vitality. The greater part of its artistic expression is connected with local festivities, pilgrimage and romerias. The...

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  • Somnis de Catalunya. 2CDS 7.95€ #50080023146 Ref.: 50080023146

    Somnis de Catalunya. 2CDS

    On this double cd entitles "Somnis de Catalunya" you'll find traditional songs of Catalonia. Notable songs as El rossinyol, Rondalles and cançons, La sardana de les monges among others. These traditional songs reflect the deep CAtalonian feeling.

    Price: 7.95 € (Without taxes)
  • Asturies dear motherland. 2Cds 7.95€ #50080423472 Ref.: 50080423472

    Asturies dear motherland. 2Cds

    Asturies Dear Motherland is a double Cd in which are regrouped 24 songs of asturian music. Contains the somg which is considered as the anthem for asturian people and for spanish which is Asturies dear motherland. We sing it always during a party.

    Price: 7.95 € (Without taxes)
  • El Mejor Folklore Manchego. 2CDS 7.95€ #500800423656 Ref.: 500800423656

    El Mejor Folklore Manchego. 2CDS

    We present this double CD entitled ''El Mejor Folklore Manchego'' with traditional songs from Castile La Mancha. You will find popular songs like ''Seguidillas del Candil'', ''Soy de la Mancha'', ''Las mulas de mi casa''. “Seguidillas” is the most representative genre in La Mancha. It is a singed dance of ternary time and tempo vivo.

    Price: 7.95 € (Without taxes)
  • Asturies its folklore and its songs. 2Cds 7.95€ #50080421140 Ref.: 50080421140

    Asturies its folklore and its songs. 2Cds

    Asturies, its folklore and its songs is a double CD with 24 songs of asturian music. Among the most famous songs we have: El camino de Mieres, Con la gaita traigo Asturias , El mio Xoan, Puxa a Asturias, El valiente picador, Les cuatro poles, Santina de Covadonga, Xiringuelo...

    Price: 7.95 € (Without taxes)
  • Cantos a Galicia. 2CDS 7.95€ #50080023337 Ref.: 50080023337

    Cantos a Galicia. 2CDS

    ''Cantos a Galicia'' is a compilation of 24 popular songs of Galicia. You will find a lot of folkloric Galician songs. The most popular are: Muñeira de baile, Muñeira de chantada, Foliada de la viaña, A virxe de Guadalupe. The interest in traditional music increases powerfully nowadays. Galicia has a rich traditional culture. Musically speaking, most of songs are...

    Price: 7.95 € (Without taxes)
  • Folklore de Navarra. 2CDS 7.95€ #50080423519 Ref.: 50080423519

    Folklore de Navarra. 2CDS

    ''Folklore de Navarra''is a double pack that contains 24 popular songs in Navarra like:A la Virgen del Castillo, No es la Jota una Romanaza...among others songs. There's a saying in Spain that says:La jota nació en Valencia y se crió en Aragón y en Navarra se le dió sentimiento y corazón(The jota born in Valencia, grew up in Aragón and the feeling was...

    Price: 7.95 € (Without taxes)
  • Folklore del Pais Vasco. 2CDS 7.95€ #50080023306 Ref.: 50080023306

    Folklore del Pais Vasco. 2CDS

    Basque music reflects nationalist feelings with the most emblematic songs of the Basque culture. You will find in this double CD entitled ''Folklore del País Vasco'' 24 songs of authentic Basque style.

    Price: 7.95 € (Without taxes)
  • Raices de Euskadi. 2CDS 7.95€ #50080023313 Ref.: 50080023313

    Raices de Euskadi. 2CDS

    We present « Raices de Euskadi », a double CD with the traditional songs of Basque Country. You will find relevant songs like ''Desde Santrurce a Bilbao'', ''Aurtxo txikia'', ''Eskon gayetan''or ''Romería de Santa Lucía'' among others. You will enjoy with these popular songs in which the Basque sentiment is reflected.

    Price: 7.95 € (Without taxes)
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