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  • Euskadi Canta. 2CDS 7.95€ #50080023320 Ref.: 50080023320

    Euskadi Canta. 2CDS

    This double CD entitled "Euskadi Canta" presents the work of different performers in 24 songs. Basque music reflects nationalist feelings with the most emblematic songs of the Basque culture. You will find it within these songs: ''Baserritarra coro y txistos'', ''Goiko mediyan'', ''Gabitzan kalez kale'',''Estampa vasca''.

    Price: 7.95 € (Without taxes)
  • Folklore Gallego. Nuestras Raices. 2CDS 7.95€ #50080421164 Ref.: 50080421164

    Folklore Gallego. Nuestras Raices. 2CDS

    This double Cd ''Folklore Gallego. Nuestras Raíces'' presents 24 songs of wich the most popular are: Muñeira da miña terra, Rianxeira, Alala de padron, Aguilladas e aguariñas. The abundant folkloric music of Galicia is probably one of the most preserved. Besides the traditional Galician music has an amazing vitality.

    Price: 7.95 € (Without taxes)
  • Les Arrels de Llevant. 2CDS 7.95€ #50080023375 Ref.: 50080023375

    Les Arrels de Llevant. 2CDS

    On this double cd of Catalonian music entitles "Les Arrels de Llevant" you'll find songs of different interprets: 24 songs. In the Catalonian music you'll find a nationalist feeling with notable songs for the Catalonian culture.

    Price: 7.95 € (Without taxes)
  • Valencia Fallera. 2CDS 7.95€ #50080023368 Ref.: 50080023368

    Valencia Fallera. 2CDS

    Valencia stands out in arts, and especially in music. In each “valenciano” there is a musician. In almost all villages in Valencia, even small ones, there is a band. In this Cd, there are 24 popular songs like: Aires llevantins, Dança valenciana, La xanquera vella, L'artista faller, Marxa del rei barbut, Jota de Alfarp.

    Price: 7.95 € (Without taxes)
  • Andalucia. Blanca y Verde es mi Bandera. 2CDS 7.95€ #50080423847 Ref.: 50080423847

    Andalucia. Blanca y Verde es mi Bandera. 2CDS

    On this double cd "Andalucia. Blanca y Verde es mi Bandera" you'll find 24 Andalousian songs, various ones.From sevillans, tangos flamencos, fandangos, tientos, farrucas, to popular songs as "El Vito".

    Price: 7.95 € (Without taxes)
  • El Corazon Navarro. 2 CDS 7.95€ #50080423533 Ref.: 50080423533

    El Corazon Navarro. 2 CDS

    This double CD "The heart of Navarra" includes 24 popular songs from Navarra region. This cd includes some"Jotas" Navarre well known as "Jota de las Palmadas", ''Diana de San Fermín'', ''Aupa mozo pamplonica'',''Cuando una rama se seca'',''Flores de Navarra''.

    Price: 7.95 € (Without taxes)
  • Valencia orange blossom flower.  2CDS 7.95€ #500806023382 Ref.: 500806023382

    Valencia orange blossom flower. 2CDS

    The Valencian community stands out for its love for music. This love for music is obvious in its bands. In this CD, there is 24 popular songs of Valencia like Coplas de mi tierra, Dança vañenciana, Del perello a catarroja, Valencia, La flor del toronger.

    Price: 7.95 € (Without taxes)
  • Aragon roots. 2 Cds 7.95€ #50080023108 Ref.: 50080023108

    Aragon roots. 2 Cds

    Collection that brings together the best of "las jotas aragonesas". It contains a double CD of the folklore form Aragon. The title says everything "Aragon roots". The most famous titles are the following ones: Una camisa sin mangas, Aragón tierra valiente, Pregonando la bravura, El que en Aragón se casa, A un baturro y una maña, Jota de baile de Zaragoza.

    Price: 7.95 € (Without taxes)
  • Raices de Castilla y León. 2 CDS 7.95€ #50080423502 Ref.: 50080423502

    Raices de Castilla y León. 2 CDS

    ''Raices de Castilla y León'' is a compilation of the 24 most popular folkloric songs from Castile and Leon. This region has received a lot of musical influences over time, that is why its actual music is so varied. The songs and the dances from Castilla are very popular thanks to the songbooks.

    Price: 7.95 € (Without taxes)
  • La Magia de Navarra. 2 CDS 7.95€ #50080423540 Ref.: 50080423540

    La Magia de Navarra. 2 CDS

    Navarra is a privileged region in terms of survival of folklore expressions. In this doublecd "La Magia de Navarra" you will find 24 popular songs from Navarra region.''Oí cantar una moza'', ''Vísperas de San Fermín'',''Viva Navarra'', ''La jota bien se canta''.

    Price: 7.95 € (Without taxes)
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