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El mundo del flamenco - Paco de Lucia,Pepe de Lucia,Ramon de Algeciras

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El mundo del flamenco - Paco de Lucia,Pepe de Lucia,Ramon de Algeciras Ref.: 50112UN149
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Disco 1

  • 1. Guajiras de Lucía (Guajira)
  • 2. Con el pensamiento (Soleá)
  • 3. Al tempul (Bulerías)
  • 4. Al puerto (Alegrías)
  • 5. María de los Dolores (Taranto)
  • 6. Taconeo gitano (Zapateado)
  • 7. Callecita que subes (Seguirilla)
  • 8. Recuerdos (Farruca)
  • 9. El impetu (Bulerías)
  • 10. El rinconcillo (Tangos)

El mundo del flamenco (1971).
This is one of the first flamenco recordings where the bailaor's taconeo is included as another instrument.
This recording has a varied selection of flamenco genres interpreted by the unique prism of this musical Andaluz art: The cante, the toque and the baile. The cante is performed by Paco de Lucía's brother. Paco along with his other brother, Ramón de Algeciras, provide the toque. Finally, the zapateo is footed by the Madrid native bailaor Raúl.


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