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Lorca - Enrique Morente

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Disco 1

  • 1. Canciones de la Romeria(Tangos)
  • 2. Fandangos(Romería)
  • 3. Bambera
  • 4. Fragmentos de la Romeria de Yerma(Bulería)
  • 5. Final Romeria(Rumba)
  • 6. Cantar del Alma
  • 7. Y de pronto(Granaina y Taranta)
  • 8. El Lenguaje de las flores
  • 9. Gacela del amor imprevisto y otros fandangos
  • 10. Poema de la Saeta
  • 11. Los Saeteros
  • 12. Tierra y luna
  • 13. La Leyenda del tiempo
  • 14. Campanas por el poeta.

Enrique Morente represents the forefront of Flamenco today. He is considered as one of the artists most dedicated to the renewal of cante, without forgetting any of its traditional characteristics, and as one of the best artists to interpret refined poems, such as those by Miguel Hernández and García Lorca. His work is astutute and sincere, full of knowledge in a genre that is dangerously fertile. No one like him had before used the poems of a poet from Granada, Federico García Lorca, in his own grounds. His last piece, 'Lorca,' is an invaluable one and defining for Flamenco toward the end of the century. The album is of impressive beauty, undeniably a new delivery by the restless and innovative Don Enrique. 'Lorca' counts with the collaborations of Juan 'El Habichuela', Tomatito, Ketama, Juan Manuel Cañizares, Bernardo Parrilla, Potito, Carles Benavent, the voice of the group Voces Búlgaras and his daughter Estrella.


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