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... Y es ke me han kambiao los tiempos. Ketama

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... Y es ke me han kambiao los tiempos. Ketama Ref.: 50112UN163
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Disco 1

  • 1. Loko (Rumba)
  • 2. Pirata (Bulería)
  • 3. Puchero light (Sevillanas)
  • 4. Momento Makanda (Tango)
  • 5. Estary kieta niña (Bulería)
  • 6. Kalikeño (Rumba)
  • 7. Pionono
  • 8. Shivarita (Bulesalsa)
  • 9. A mi kumi (Tangos)
  • 10. Y es ke me han kambiao los tiempos (Soleá)

It was in 1990 when Ketama released 'Y es ke me han kambiao los tiempos', immediately achieving success among other flamenco musicians, a genre which they've enriched through a mixture of pop and Latin ryhthms. Let's not forge that Ketama spearheaded this flamenco-pop mix known as New Flamenco, almost 15 years ago.

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