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La Ranchulería. Miguel Reyes Mexican Flamenco Quartet. CD

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La Ranchulería. Miguel Reyes Mexican Flamenco Quartet. CD Ref.: 50489RGB-RANCHULERIA
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CD 1

  • La Llorona .................Fandango (popular)
  • Te lo pido por favor...Bulería (J. Gabriel)
  • La Martiniana.............Silencio (A. Henestrosa)
  • Pa todo el año............Bulería (J.A. Jiménez)
  • Perdón........................Tango Flamenco (P. Flores)
  • Un mundo raro............Bulería (J.A. Jiménez)
  • Cacería y fuga............Fusión Flamenca Mexicana (M.Reyes Jiménez)

Miguel Reyes Quartet presents their first disc “La Ranchulería” that is an homage to great Mexican composers. They are bulerías-rancheras with a Cuban touch.

“La Ranchulería” has the unmistakable hallmark of the art of the different ethnic groups. It is the union of races where rhythms, pulses and cadences of different cradle voices are combined.

In this work several pure influences are combined: on the one hand, the feeling of the most emblematic Mexican composers and the passion of the flamenco fire. On the other hand, two voices put their soul and voice in this cultural fusion of sounds, one of  Hungarian nature and the other one of flamenco nature. All that harmonized by a guitar that, recalling old rancheras, plays bulerías. Complementing all this interweave, a Cuban trend joins in this fusion.

Miguel Reyes “Mexican Flamenco” Quartet, is a musical formation that starts with a percussionist: Miguel Reyes, a Mexican musician who developed his knowledge in flamenco and this is the main excuse for this well combined mixture of flavours, rhythm, sound and beat.

Miguel Reyes Quartet is formed in this way:

Sonia Cortés: Folk singing

Ernesto Bravo: Guitar

María Keck: voice and choirs

Yago Saloiro: Electric bass guitar

Miguel Reyes: Percussion

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