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solo compas caracoles

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Sólo Compás is a designed collection so that you can learn how to distinguish the rhythm and the compás of the flamenco's different palos. Specially suitable for the learning or improvement in the guitar and in the dance.
Dance: Javier Barón
Sing: Francisco José "Arcángel" Ramos
Guitar: José Manuel Roldán
Hand Claps: Manuel Salado.
1 Dance Complete
2 Dance Complete
3 First Block of Sings
4 Silence
5 Second Block of Sings
6 Escobilla. Macho
7 Escobilla Slow
8 Escobilla Medium
9 Escobilla Fast
10 Caracoles. Rhythm Only
11 Caracoles. Rhythm Only
12 Caracoles
13 Caracoles. Rhythm Only

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