Tomatito´s CD ''Paseo de los castaños'' Score books. Vol. 1

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Tomatito´s CD ''Paseo de los castaños'' Score books. Vol. 1 Ref.: 50489L-Tomate 01
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The complete transcription of the historic CD ''Paseo de los Castaños'' by Tomatito, one of the most influential flamenco guitarists of our times.

Maestro Enrique Vargas has chosen this CD for two reasons: first, because its musical value is unquestionable and second, because this recording like no other reflects the versatility of the artistic trajectory of this guitarist and composer. This work demonstrates a wide palette of styles and influences that Tomatito made his own: from a dazzling and very jazzy jam session with the great George Benson to a fiesta por bulerías in a wine cellar en Jerez de la Frontera in a pure Gypsy style, from an Argentinian bolero to a profoundly ancestral solea, from tangos flamencos so “Tomatito” to a Turkish folk song with a string cuartet.

''Tangos pa' la Pimpi''
These tangos , recorded in an unusual tuning includes a cante verse sung by the guitarist's daughter, with a complete transcription of the singing melody and the accompaniment. The mandola solos by Juan José Suárez “Paquete” have been transcribed for second guitar. The chord symbols have been included throughout the chart for those who want to learn to accompany this piece.

Soleá ''Alquimia''
This soleá reveals an incredible mastery of the jondo (deep) forms by the artist. His playing here is a combination of Gypsy purity and a modern harmonic and melodic language.

Bulerías ''Paseo de los Castaños''
The bulerías by Tomatito are incomparable. Played with otherworldly feel and sense of rhythm, this palo has become Tomatito's trade mark. Recorded in the traditional key of A Hijaz ( por medio) these bulerías o ffer an ideal study on various possibilities in rasgueados and remates for this difficult to master form. The accompaniment of the second guitar in the beginning and the end of this piece has been also transcribed.

Bolero ''Aire de tango''
This bolero is a duo of Tomatito's guitar and a violin by Bernardo Parrilla. The violin part has been transcribed to the smallest detail and can be interpreted by a guitar or any instrument you may wish to chose. Tomatito's accompaniment is a lesson in a proper use of harmonic substitutions worthy of unforgettable Joe Pass.

Rumba ''La vacilona''
This rumba, with a strong influence of Cuban son and Brazilian samba is a duel of powerful guitars by Benson and Tomatito. All the solos and accompaniment have been transcribed entirely. This piece can be interpreted by a single guitar or a duo.

English and Spanish
A4 format, 246 pages


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