Learn How to Play the Flamenco (Book/CD) By David Leiva. Musical Score

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Learn How to Play the Flamenco (Book/CD) By David Leiva. Musical Score Ref.: 50489MB701
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'Learn how to play the Flamenco''. Flamenco Guitar by David Leiva. Score

Flamenco has crossed borders to reach the entire world, being admired and respected by musicians and amateurs from all over the world.

This new method of flamenco guitar created by David Leiva is not only for self-taught but also a novel guide for flamenco schools and conservatories.

The book covers all the main styles such as Solea, Siguiriya, Serrana, Solea por Bulerias, Alegrías, Tientos, Tangos, Bulerías, Verdiales, Rumba, Taranto, Farruca, Guajiras, Malagueña, Sevillanas, Granaína and Fandangos. Each style is classified by 6 difficulty levels in order to have a great knowledge of each palo.

The first part of the book comprises a theoretical and technical section showing all the main techniques of the flamenco guitar. At the end of the book there are 3 studies: One of arpegios por bulería, another of picado and the third a tremolo.

The CD includes all the exercises in order to have a music reference. 
This new methodology is one of the best that David Leiva has created, very contemporary and totally complementary with his other guitar methods.

A4, 140 pages 
Transcription by David Leiva. 
Languages: Spanish 
Editorial: Volante


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