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Flamenco Music and Dvd - Didactic Material - Metronomes for Flamenco

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  • Flamenco Metronome. Sevilla Soft V3 148.760€ #50020MFSSV3 Ref.: 50020MFSSV3

    Flamenco Metronome. Sevilla Soft V3

    Flamenco Metronome Sevilla Soft- v3 replaces the previous V1 version, it is an indispensable professional tool if you play the guitar, cajón or palmas, dance or sing, you're professional or amateur. Flamenco Metronome and digital chromatic tuner with all flamenco "palos" - 2.8 "colorTouch Screen, simple and intuitive operation. - 150 rhythmic formulas. - Actual sound of percussion instruments...

    Price: 148.76 € (Without taxes)
  • Flamenco Metronome MRC1 Equipo Harada 109.500€ #50042MRC1 Ref.: 50042MRC1

    Flamenco Metronome MRC1 Equipo Harada

    TheFlamenco Metronome MRC1 Equipo Haradais recommended by the wonderful guitaristTomatito.This metronome contains all the flamenco palos (rhythms) and is very useful to play and dance, for professionals and also beginners.

    Price: 109.50 € (Without taxes)
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