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La leyenda del tiempo - Camaron de la Isla

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Disco 1

  • 1. La leyenda del tiempo
  • 2. Romance del amargo
  • 3. Homenaje a Federico
  • 4. Mi niña se fué a la mar
  • 5. La Tarara
  • 6. Volando voy
  • 7. Bahía de Cádiz
  • 8. Viejo mundo
  • 9. Tangos de la sultana
  • 10. Nana del caballo grande

La Leyenda del Tiempo is one of the best pure Flamenco crossovers where Camarón opens one more different path for creating and enjyoing this genre. In this album only some elements of rock are intertwined with the more consistent Flamenco in Bulerías, soleares, etc.
In his day, Camarón said 'The closest I have ever recorded to rock has been 'La leyenda del tiempo,' in it i took a chance and put in elements that don't usually make part of Flamenco. And [I] had to be careful with what [I] was doing, without crossing Flamenco's limits, which it does have' (1989.) With Kiko Veneno, Camarón recorded an inmense album in 1979: "La leyenda del tiempo" a true cornerstone of what later became known as Nuevo Flamenco.

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