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  • Camaron de la Isla. I am a Gypsy, Flying I go, and Other Greatest Hits 18.00€ #50112UN81 Ref.: 50112UN81

    Camaron de la Isla. I am a Gypsy, Flying I go, and Other Greatest Hits

    Camaron de la Isla. Soy Gitano, Volando Voy y Otros Grandes Exitos (I am a Gypsy, Flying I go and Other Greatest Hits),is a compilation CD of this amazing singer´s greatest hits. You will be able to listen to songs such as Volando Voy, Soy Gitano, Al verte las flores lloran, Son tus ojos dos estrellas, Calle Real, La leyenda del tiempo and all in original version.

    Price: 18.00 € (Without taxes)
  • Jose Merce. Ruido 17.90€ #50515EMI632 Ref.: 50515EMI632

    Jose Merce. Ruido

    Coming soon. The flamenco artist Jose Mercé released his new disc, Ruido, in which he paid tribute to the poet Miguel Hernández. In this work, Merce brings again this style over to the popularity without losing neither the soul neither the feeling, characterizing it. The disc begins with Amanecer and continues with Ruido, the song which gives the disc title for bulerías and confirms the spirit...

    Price: 17.90 € (Without taxes)
  • La Nitra. Embrujo 14.95€ #50999050962 Ref.: 50999050962

    La Nitra. Embrujo

    La Nitra does not settle for singing, she also touches the hearts and give emotions thanks to her characteristic, strong and penetrating voice.

    Price: 14.95 € (Without taxes)
  • Pansequito. A sing to Liberty 11.95€ #50046BJ196 Ref.: 50046BJ196

    Pansequito. A sing to Liberty

    In a full artistic maturity, Pansequito let us a synthesis with an anthology character of his capacity to interpret the big sings in his new disc “Un canto a la libertad”. Pansequito is one of biggest revive of the flamenco sing of the XX century. Collaborate in the disc of Pansequito “A sing to Liberty” Juani de la Isla, Niño de Pura, Moraíto, Miguel Poveda,...

    Price: 11.95 € (Without taxes)
  • Grandes cantaores. 2CDS 7.95€ #50080420631 Ref.: 50080420631

    Grandes cantaores. 2CDS

    "Grandes Cantaores", a double cd with famous themes, performed by great flamenco singers. Famous voices such as Carbonerillo, Niño de la Calzada, Terremoto de Jerez and El Agujeta.

    Price: 7.95 € (Without taxes)
  • Pablo de Málaga.Enrique Morente 16.95€ #50112UN581 Ref.: 50112UN581

    Pablo de Málaga.Enrique Morente

    'Pablo de Málaga', the record that Enrique Morente has recorded and conceived in honour of Picasso in which he has adapted written texts by the artist from Málaga. ''Pablo de Málaga'' is a record of Enrique Morente for 2008. It comes up from the contact of  the cantaor (flamenco singer) with the written texts by Picasso, these texts, written in his handwriting , tells how was the painter’s...

    Price: 16.95 € (Without taxes)
  • When El Lebrijano sings water gets wet 16.95€ #50113DA578 Ref.: 50113DA578

    When El Lebrijano sings water gets wet

    Some day, the colombian writer Gabriel García Márquez said this from him: ‘’When Lebrijano sings, water gets wet’’. For his 50 years of career, the master from Lebrija wants to settle in the poetic way by dedicating his cd number 35 to the large and awarded work of the brilliant Colombian.    This is the discographic work number 35 for the 50 years of Juan Peña artistic career and...

    Price: 16.95 € (Without taxes)
  • Flamenco Classics. 2CDS 9.00€ #50080420594 Ref.: 50080420594

    Flamenco Classics. 2CDS

    Flamenco Classics: a pure flamenco best of, with themes performed by D. Antonio Chacón, Manuel Torre, La Niña de los Peines and Manuel Vallejo.

    Price: 9.00 € (Without taxes)
  • Cantan a Manuel de Falla. Lole Manuel 9.45€ #50112UN122 Ref.: 50112UN122

    Cantan a Manuel de Falla. Lole Manuel

    The legendary 70's couple came back in 1992 with this recording that pays tribute to some excerpts of Falla's Amor Brujo. From that encounter this album saw the light under the label Pasion, and it was ironically named 'Lole y Manuel cantan a Manuel de Falla'. With the help of the London Symphonic Orchestra, Lole and Manuel's music is not progressive rock nor Sinfonic rock, but they did...

    Price: 9.45 € (Without taxes)
  • Una voz y una guitarra 18.85€ #50556515UMI210 Ref.: 50556515UMI210

    Una voz y una guitarra

    Live from the Teatro Monumental de Madrid. 2 CDs. Lole and Manuel always took things at ease; with a calmness that hid a revolution. Lole's cante, sober and sweet, and Manuel's guitar, straightforward and masterful, broke with established flamenco. Lole and Manuel's music is not progressive rock, nor is it sinfonic, but it makes part of the genesis of Andaluz Rock. Their music was not traditional...

    Price: 18.85 € (Without taxes)
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