Artists - Chano Dominguez

Chano Dominguez
Nationality:   Española
Palos:   Jazz y Flamenco

Chano Domínguez was born in Cadiz on March 29, 1960. His father was a keen flamenco enthusiast and young Chano grew up listening to his LPs. When he was eight years old, Chano´s parents gave him his first instrument: a flamenco guitar. Chano was able to teach himself to play guitar and practiced everything that he had heard on his father’s flamenco records so that he could jam with his friends in the neighborhood. 
Chano started by playing keyboards with Cai, one of the best rock groups in Andalusia. This group from Cadiz fused traditional Andalusian roots with progressive rock. The young keyboardist’s impressive solos and improvisations foretold a promising future. 
After Cai’s breakup early in the 1980s, Chano became part of a jazz group called Hixcadix, which was also made up of musicians from Cadiz. In 1992, he decided to form his own trioChano led the group with his personal speech and musical style, fusing flamenco rhythm with the musical forms of jazz. That same year, he was awarded First Prize in the National Jazz Competition for Young Interpreters and he released his first two records: Chano and Diez de Paco (Paco’s Ten). In 1995, he produced Coplas de Madrugá (Morning Song) with Martiriothis work covers some of the most important themes in traditional Spanish song and treats them with a genuine jazz esthetic.
Once Chano established himself as one of the great names in Spanish jazz, his fame spread beyond Spain’s borders. His earthy jazz, Latin, and flamenco sounds were heard by an international audience, thanks to records such as Hecho a mano, Directo a piano solo and Imán, as well as his participation in Midem Latino and other famous festivals.
After his successful appearance in the Plaza de La Habana Jazz Festival, and having rubbed shoulders with the best in Latin jazz for the movie and recording Calle 54, the pianist from Cadiz recorded a collection of unforgettable boleros with Marta Valdés for his latest disk, Tú no sospechas.

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