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Flamenco Shawls for the Feria Buganvilla Embroidered in Colours

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Flamenco Shawls for the Feria Buganvilla Embroidered in Colours Ref.: 50759M5BGVCOLRSPL
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A triangular or pico embroidered shawl is a small shawl in the shape of a triangle that has been decorated with embroidery. These shawls are valued for their beauty and craftsmanship, and are often used as fashion accessories or to add a touch of elegance and tradition to flamenco attire.

Embroidered in Andalusia (Spain)
Approx. dimensions: 130cm X 60m
Approx. fringes: 24cm

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FlamencoExport Comments

  • The Plain Corners have a triangular form with fringes on both sides, embroidered or plaited... they are very appropriate for parties and celebrations. Used as a light coat or as a dress complement. In flamenco they use it as a costume complemet.

FlamencoExport Advice

  • The 'manton' is defined by the costume and is the one that gives a new
    attractive. Can be made of gauze, colourful or embroidered. The great
    variety that offers the market allow us to choose a classic or a modern
    'manton', according to the user's choice.
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