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  • El Amor Brujo - Vhs - Pal 3.00€ #504800003 Ref.: 504800003

    El Amor Brujo - Vhs - Pal

    Articles on sale, untill end of stock. Love, dance and death. These are the three keys to 'El amor brujo'. Carmelo is in love with Candela, whose father has arranged a marriage with José, according to Gypsy law. José, who even after marriage continues to see his mistress Lucía, dies due to a stabbing shortly after. Carmelo is accused of killing José and spends four years in jail because of...

    Price: 3.00 € (3.39 USD)
  • P´adelante - Los del Rio 17.75€ #50112UN363 Ref.: 50112UN363

    P´adelante - Los del Rio

    P'Alante is much more than a collection of eleven songs. Los del Rio are undoubtly the most popular group of this year. Contains Duets with Isabel Pantoja, Rocio Jurado, Montserrat Caballé, Azucar Moreno y Los Chicos de mi Barrio.

    Price: 17.75 € (20.02 USD)
  • Our Coplas / The World I dreamed about (Pack 2 X 1)- Pastora Soler 15.50€ #50112UN571 Ref.: 50112UN571

    Our Coplas / The World I dreamed about (Pack 2 X 1)- Pastora Soler

    Pastora Soler, pack of cd’s ''Our coplas'' and ''The world i dreamed about''. Two essential records of Pastora Soler at the price of one. These ''coplas', 'our coplas' sing once more from the Pastora Soler voice. This one, his first record ''Our coplas'' with ten topics as popular as ''Triniá'', ''Romance of the queen María de las Mercedes'', ''Cape of grana and Gold'' amongst other. All...

    Price: 15.50 € (17.48 USD)
  • b.s.o. sevillanas 7.25€ #50112UN64 Ref.: 50112UN64

    b.s.o. sevillanas

    On January 1992 the filming for the movie 'Sevillanas' came to an end. The movie was on the world of the danza and was released on January 28th of the same year. The film is graced by guitarrists Manolo Sanlúcar and Paco de Lucía, and Camarón de la Isla, Rocío Jurado and Lola Flore. It showcased on September 9th in the XLIX Mostra de Cine de Venecia under the experimental category 'Ventana...

    Price: 7.25 € (8.18 USD)
  • Rocio Jurado. Flamenco. 2CDs+1DVD Pal 19.50€ #50511BMG582 Ref.: 50511BMG582

    Rocio Jurado. Flamenco. 2CDs+1DVD Pal

    Rocío Jurado: Flamenco.It's published a double CD+DVD with the most complete anthology of Rocío Jurado that as an homage paid to her on the occasion of the second anniversary of her decease. Flamenco offers the most complete anthology published up to now about Rocío Jurado as the great flamenco singer she was, one of the aspects perhaps hidden by her big hits in the melodic song and as...

    Price: 19.50 € (21.99 USD)
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