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  • Juanito Varea - Cante Flamenco 9.90€ #50535AD522 Ref.: 50535AD522

    Juanito Varea - Cante Flamenco

    Original recordings from the 30. Juan Varea. He was not Andalusian or gipsy but a real Flamenco. Juanito Varea left us a large discography including all the famous "palos" of the flamenco music. He is considered as a traditional figure, a pure flamenco voice and recognized by the artists. He was one of the four elected during the "Llave de Oro" singing competition in Cordoba, in 1962. A singer...

    Price: 9.90 € (10.78 USD)
  • Manuel Vallejo - Cante Flamenco 9.90€ #50535AD528 Ref.: 50535AD528

    Manuel Vallejo - Cante Flamenco

    This cd contains original recordings from the 30. Manuel Vallejo, great singer, amazing interpret, he was able to sing every style but there was a great demand for fandangos in the 30. He also was an excellent "siguiriyero" and exceptionnal por bulerias, even if was not a real gipsy. He was also a great dancer.

    Price: 9.90 € (10.78 USD)
  • La comedia Flamenca by Eugenio Cobo 9.00€ #5007188944610 Ref.: 5007188944610

    La comedia Flamenca by Eugenio Cobo

    La comedia flamenca extracts all the literary and vital influences that appear in the comedies written in spanish in the second half of the XIX century and the first half of the XXth. The book is full of quotes which express the whole Andalusian wittiness and the customs in general of Spain during the romantic epoch. The book consists on four chapters: 1 Origins of the Andalusian gipsy theatre...

    Price: 9.00 € (9.80 USD)
  • Live at the Albert Hall - Joaquin Cortés - dvd - pal 21.95€ #50497SME10D Ref.: 50497SME10D

    Live at the Albert Hall - Joaquin Cortés - dvd - pal

    Recorded on the second of June at The Royal Albert Hall in London. This DVD is the dancer Joaquín  Cortés' almost two-hour last performance recorded live at The Royal Albert Hall in London. In addition, there is an unedited 30-minute interview with the dancer, with subtitles in english, in which he speaks of his influences, techniques and other things. Artists:Cante: Antonio Carbonell, Juan...

    Price: 21.95 € (23.90 USD)
  • Universal Flamenco, Flamenco Inheritance CD + DVD 13.55€ #50080931106 Ref.: 50080931106

    Universal Flamenco, Flamenco Inheritance CD + DVD

    Carmen Herrera, this young dancer was born in Jerez, the flamenco town by excellence for flamenco singing, for dance or for flamenco tap. At four years old she begins to dance in some "peñas" of Jerez. She's touring several parts of Andalusia, and later she made the jump to Japan. She was also well known in Madrid, in upturn tablaos and other ones within the domestic sphere, acting next to...

    Price: 13.55 € (14.75 USD)
  • Lío - José Mercé 17.65€ #50515EMI24 Ref.: 50515EMI24

    Lío - José Mercé

    The Jeréz-born sensation José Mercé is back again. He's looked around, learnt and thought about it carefully, and has found the need to openly express it. And the first thing that came to his mind was 'Lío' [Fuss]. 'Lío' es the third record of José Mercé for Virgin, and we're talking about an artist that is living his career prime and his combining both success with orthodoxy has helped...

    Price: 17.65 € (19.22 USD)
  • Figures of  Cante Jondo- Juan Pérez Sánchez ''Canalejas'' 7.90€ #50588EXT9694 Ref.: 50588EXT9694

    Figures of Cante Jondo- Juan Pérez Sánchez ''Canalejas''

    Capital figure of the flamenca opera, the songwriter gaditano Juan Pérez Sánchez ''Canalejas' is paid homage in this work, first edition of the figure collection of cante jondo, not only for his triumph but also for recovering the health after a car accident. Its large repertoire consists of fandanguillos, malagueñas, campanilleros, tarantas, soleares and gypsy seguiriyas composed by Canalejas...

    Price: 7.90 € (8.60 USD)
  • Un momento en el sonido - Vicente Amigo 20.95€ #50511BMG480 Ref.: 50511BMG480

    Un momento en el sonido - Vicente Amigo

    Vicente Amigo is giving his best in this album. After five years without publishing an alum alone, Vicente Amigo comes back with 'Un momento en el sonido'. A flamenco album, in which there is the cooperation of Tino di Geraldo and Joan Albert Amargos and the singers Antonio Villar and 'Potito'. 'Un momento en el sonido' is the best song of the album. The rhythmic originality of the rumba...

    Price: 20.95 € (22.81 USD)
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