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  • The very best of Gipsy Kings 22.55€ #50511BMG573 Ref.: 50511BMG573

    The very best of Gipsy Kings

    Although this compilation contains many of the songs featured on their 1995 release "Best of the Gipsy Kings", this expanded two-CD set features many stellar tracks recorded since then. Featuring their unique style of pop-influenced flamenco, '¡Volare! The Very Best of The Gipsy Kings' is a passionate and uplifting collection featuring familiar, but not exhausted, Spanish-language songs.

    Price: 22.55 € (26.93 USD)
  • Mosaique. Gipsy kings 13.65€ #50113SME209 Ref.: 50113SME209

    Mosaique. Gipsy kings

    In 1989 the salsa superstar Rubén Blades collaborated with the band on the song 'Caminando por la Calle' for their 'Mosaïque' release. Mosaïque was later nominated for a Best Music Artist in the World award.

    Price: 13.65 € (16.30 USD)
  • Lo mejor de Gipsy Kings 30.45€ #50113SME138 Ref.: 50113SME138

    Lo mejor de Gipsy Kings

    As the title 'Lo mejor de los Gipsy Kings' suggests, this album is the Gypsy Kings at their best. Uniquely gifted and with an unmatchable talent, the Gypsy Kings have carried on with the tradition of flamenco rumba. They play their modern version of this gypsy stile with a blend of French, Spanish and Catalan lyrics. The Gypsy Kings' exotic appeal comes from their unique ethnic heritage (Spanish,...

    Price: 30.45 € (36.36 USD)
  • Gipsy Kings 14.70€ #50113SME175 Ref.: 50113SME175

    Gipsy Kings

    For the album 'Gispy Kings', the band had to bring in new musicians and although at first the change in line up halted them a little it wound up fitting perfectly. With this release, the Gypsy Kings broke into the international market. It was as a surprise for they were in the top 10 listings in Europe. 'Bamboleo' and 'Djobi Djoba' became hits in a dozen countries and over 150,000 copies were...

    Price: 14.70 € (17.55 USD)
  • Love songs 14.15€ #50113SME240 Ref.: 50113SME240

    Love songs

    With their fresh version so of well known tunes the Gipsy Kings break in to the international market. They brought their pieces with flamenco and latino flavors and perfected their instrumental techniques. They hit the nail right on the spot for their flamenco blend with salsa, romanticism, arab and marroquian rhythms was widely liked. Other reasons for their success are their impecable abilities...

    Price: 14.15 € (16.90 USD)
  • Live 13.65€ #50113SME249 Ref.: 50113SME249


    The Gypsy Kings' exotic appeal comes from their unique ethnic heritage (Spanish, French and North African influences,) and in turn has helped them achieve their success. They are they only band today that plays th style labeled as flamenco rumba.

    Price: 13.65 € (16.30 USD)
  • M-141 Gipsy Kings Greatest Hits. 14.85€ #504900016 Ref.: 504900016

    M-141 Gipsy Kings Greatest Hits.

    Gipsy Kings Greatest Hits; Songs included: Nel blu Dipinto di blu (Volare), Allegria, A mi manera, Bamboleo, Bem Bem Maria, Baila me, Djobi - Djoba, Escuhca me, Galaxia, Moorea, Soy, Tu quieres volver, Un amor, Vamos a bailar.

    Price: 14.85 € (17.73 USD)
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