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  • Romance de la luna tucumana. Diego el Cigala 13.50€ #50112UN686 Ref.: 50112UN686

    Romance de la luna tucumana. Diego el Cigala

    In his new album Romance de la luna Tucumana,Diego El Cigala continues to explore the Argentinian repertory but from a different musical universe: with the accompaniment of Diego García's (“El Twanguero”) 40's electric guitar. Diego el Cigala, Diego García (Andrés Calamaro's guitarist), and Changuito (percussionist) are the three pillar of this album. Classic...

    Price: 13.50 € (15.83 USD)
  • Corren tiempos de alegría. Diego El Cigala 19.40€ #50511BMG157 Ref.: 50511BMG157

    Corren tiempos de alegría. Diego El Cigala

    Diego 'El Cigala's last album was titled Corren tiempos de alegría and had the collaborations of Bebo Valdés and Jerry González, two of the artists that were part of the film Calle 54 by Frenando Trueba, and who contributed with their cuban rhythm and jazz influences, along with the guitarrist El Niño Josele. In this release he interprets with the same will that he shows in the seguiriya La...

    Price: 19.40 € (22.75 USD)
  • Cigala & Tango. Gran Rex. DVD 15.50€ #113FN675 Ref.: 113FN675

    Cigala & Tango. Gran Rex. DVD

    After enjoying with last disc of Diego El Cigala, the fans of the music have now the opportunity to see it in DVD. “Cigala & Tango. Gran Rex” he gathers the concert that Diego offered in Buenos Aires and in the one that recorded his lastwork. A party in wich the Flamenco and the tango were together. This DVD contains the complete concert in Buenos Aires, with three topics that did...

    Price: 15.50 € (18.18 USD)
  • Blanco y Negro : Bebo Valdés y Diego 'El Cigala' - Dvd - Pal 22.55€ #50511BMG337DV Ref.: 50511BMG337DV

    Blanco y Negro : Bebo Valdés y Diego 'El Cigala' - Dvd - Pal

    On the same day in which Bebo Valdés and Diego El Cigala collected a platinum record for 'Lágrimas Negras', they presented 'Blanco y Negro'. It is a documentary whose first DVD features a live concert recorded in Palma de Mallorca in the summer of 2003. The second DVD is a documentary on the rehearsals and the making of the record, which is directed by Fernando Trueba, the Spanish film director...

    Price: 22.55 € (26.44 USD)
  • Agua dulce - Tomatito 17.85€ #50112UN362 Ref.: 50112UN362

    Agua dulce - Tomatito

    Tomatito has become a soloist of major significance within the realm of the flamenco guitar. His personal approach to both the festive and traditional formats in flamenco highlight his unique sensitivity and interpretative power. For more than a decade, he has combined loyalty to his racial heritage with an unusual ability to cross ideological barriers. New album of Tomatito with important guest...

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  • Festival Internacional del Cante de la Minas vol.4 - Antologia 16.35€ #50113RTVE285 Ref.: 50113RTVE285

    Festival Internacional del Cante de la Minas vol.4 - Antologia

    This is the fourth volume of the Antología del Festival Internacional del Cante de las Minas album. It comes with the edition XLIII of said festival which was celebrated in La Unión between August 6 and 16 on 2003. It is composed of the songs which RNE in Murcia keeps in its archives it has a large variety of flamenco palos like Soleá a la Taranta, pasando por la Cartagenera, la Murciana, la...

    Price: 16.35 € (19.18 USD)
  • The 100 best flamenco sings and Ref.: 50112UN638

    The 100 best flamenco sings and "toques"

    Universal Music presents the definitive compilation for flamenco lovers and amateurs.A smart box with 5 Cds to listen to the best of our music.The famous musicologist and flamenco professor Faustino Nunez has personally selected the 100 themes that make upthe box. The best of the masters of the style: Paco de Lucía, Camarón, Enrique Morente, Tomatito... with the new talents of...

    Price: 25.95 € (30.43 USD)
  • Dos Lágrimas. Diego El Cigala - CD 19.75€ #50113FN580 Ref.: 50113FN580

    Dos Lágrimas. Diego El Cigala - CD

    'Dos lágrimas' is the second part of the famous CD "Lágrimas Negras". In this second album the cuban pianist Guillermo Rubalcana take the place of Bebo Valdés.This new album contains a mix between flamenco music and boleros, chachacha, copla and tango. This CD offers new songs versions as "Dos Gardenias" and "Compromiso" by Antonio Machin, or some coplas as "Maria de la O" by Rafael de Leon...

    Price: 19.75 € (23.16 USD)
  • Lagrimas negras - Diego el Cigala y Bebo Valdés 18.85€ #50511BMG339 Ref.: 50511BMG339

    Lagrimas negras - Diego el Cigala y Bebo Valdés

    A mixed between Cuba and SpainThe music from this CD is like magic. The record, which takes mostly Cuban ballads, and whispers them, gruffly, balances the classicism of Valdes' piano with the wavering voice of Cigala.This is a wonderful mix between the Cuba's Latin rhythms with the Spain 'cante jondo' of the ancient Flamenco music.The parts are incredibly music communion a master piano player as...

    Price: 18.85 € (22.11 USD)
  • Undebel - Diego El Cigala 11.00€ #50515EMI183 Ref.: 50515EMI183

    Undebel - Diego El Cigala

    Dieguito "El Cigala" [his nickname literally translates for "Dublin Bay prawn"] debut album is Undebel, for which he had all-star line-up of guests including David Amaya, Tomatito, Juan José Suarez 'Paquete', Ramón Jiménez y Manuel Parrila (guitar), Chaboli, Piraña, Negri y Bandolero, on the percussion.

    Price: 11.00 € (12.90 USD)
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