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Polígono Sur (el arte de las tres mil) - Dvd - Pal

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Polígono Sur (el arte de las tres mil) - Dvd - Pal Ref.: 50112FN354
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Looking for the roots of the so called "New Flamenco", "SEVILLE SOUTHSIDE" is a documentary that travels to all Tres Mil viviendas, the most problematic neighborhood of Seville, where the Triana's ancients gypsies are mixed with the new generations of musicians who found the most modern trends of the music with the deep roots of the traditional Flamenco.
 Under the pretext of the honoring to Pepe " The Quemao ", in a multitudinous concert for the first time in The Tres Mil Viviendas, they show prominent figures of all the styles and ages that along the documentary speaks about the daily problems of hisneighborhood, sings, they dance, show his peculiar customs and smooth his roughnesses. 
 With the motto "Leave You of paranoias and come to The Tres Mil" it is invited the whole Seville to spend magic night of good music with the people of the SEVILLE SOUTHSIDE.
 The interracial and multicultural mixture that they suppose the current trends of the Flamenco and the whole artists' pleiad will be falling across artists as Rafael Amador, Juana la del Revuelo, Ramon Quilate, from more acquaintances, up to the anonymous figures that continue preserving the most ancient traditions of the artistic gipsy Flamenco expression.
Emilio Caracafé
Ramón Quilate
Luis De Los Santos
Rafael Amador
José Jimenez (Bobote)
Rafael (El Eléctrico)
Martín Revuelo
Juana Revuelo
Martín Revuelo Hijo
Pepe (El Quemao) 
Technical list
Documentary feature film
Lenght (Aprox) : 100'
Locations : Las Tres Mil Viviendas (Sevilla)
English and French subtitles

Available only for PAL system DVD player.
Dvd or Video PAL system for Europeam countries. Video NTSC system for Americam and Asinan countries.
Please make sure you are able to read this kind of video before ordering them.


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