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  • Hispanoamerica - Paco de Lucia 12.60€ #50112UN156 Ref.: 50112UN156

    Hispanoamerica - Paco de Lucia

    Hispanoamerica is comprised of 12 tracks. Amapola, Pajaro chogüi, Yo vendo unos ojos negros, Guadalajara, Limeña, Las mañanitas, Alma, corazón y vida, Quizas, quizas, quizas, Tico, tico, Lamento borincano, Y todo a media luz, and La paloma.

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  • Dos guitarras flamencas en America latina - Paco de Lucia 10.35€ #50112UN71 Ref.: 50112UN71

    Dos guitarras flamencas en America latina - Paco de Lucia

    Dos Guitarras Flamencas de Paco De Lucia offers the amazing talents of the Flamenco guitars of Paco de Lucia and his 'brother,' Ramon De Algeciras. De Lucia touches up with his own style and passion of Flamenco guitar the classic pieces from the region of the composers like Gutierrez, Lecuona, Lara, Granda, Gardel/Romero and Ramirez.  Dos Guitarras Flamenca in America latine also has with...

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  • La fabulosa guitarra - Paco de Lucia 12.60€ #50112UN58 Ref.: 50112UN58

    La fabulosa guitarra - Paco de Lucia

    In 1967, at 19 years of age, he recorded his first LP 'La fabulosa guitarra de Paco'. Niño Ricardo's influence is evident. The album his flooded with authentic Flamenco guitar, with duende.

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  • Interpreta a Falla - Paco de Lucia 11.50€ #50112UN33 Ref.: 50112UN33

    Interpreta a Falla - Paco de Lucia

    He himself, in the middle of the succes of his Andaluz-inspired work, will drastically change his aesthetics in order to come closer to the brilliant past of Castillian music. It is precisely with the Gypsy Falla that Paco de Lucía will broaden his Flamenco guitar knowledge by recording Paco de Lucía interpreta a Manuel de Falla.

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  • Siroco. Paco de Lucia. CD 11.50€ #50112UN46 Ref.: 50112UN46

    Siroco. Paco de Lucia. CD

    With Sirico, it's about making an album as flamenco possible and as fresh possible at the same time, it's almost paradoxical, a contradiction, and that's why it's so hard to make an album that sounds flamenco but at the same has surprises and is innovative. New ideas...

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  • Luzía - Paco de Lucia 10.35€ #50112UN48 Ref.: 50112UN48

    Luzía - Paco de Lucia

    An album dedicated to his mother. "Luzía with a Z because I wanted to reinstate my mother's portuguese origin, over there Luzía is spelled with a Z, and it is entirely a tribute. There is also a song dedicated to Camarón... but overall, the pain you feel when your mother is leaving pervades the album.

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  • Live one summer night - Paco de Lucia 12.60€ #50112UN51 Ref.: 50112UN51

    Live one summer night - Paco de Lucia

    With his sextet, Paco de Lucía created the current concept of a 'flamenco group'. Joined by his brothers Ramón de Algeciras and Pepe de Lucía, Jorge Pardo, Carles Benavent, Rubem Dantas and -Manuel Soler, Juan Ramirez or El Grillo-; the Paco de Lucía Sextet has set the fashion on how to present a flamenco band on a stage. Thanks to the maestro of Algeciras, and the talent of his musicians,...

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  • Passion Grace & Fire - Paco de Lucia 12.60€ #50112UN59 Ref.: 50112UN59

    Passion Grace & Fire - Paco de Lucia

    This album's title perfectly describes the genre since it is played with passion, grace and fire. It is a digital recording of three virtuosos, each one with a different guitar and placed in a different sonic sphere. Nothing but pure and almost tangible virtuousity.

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  • Zyryab - Paco de Lucía 10.45€ #50112UN61 Ref.: 50112UN61

    Zyryab - Paco de Lucía

    Zyryab (1990) In this album the guitarrist returns to previous concepts, like the soundtrack to Montoyas y tarantos, and turns to collaborations with Chick Corea and Manolo Sanlúcar, El Potito, Tino Di Geraldo, Ramón Porrina and the Sextet. The jazz atmosphere and the piano solos stand out. He is less comprimising and trying to be more accessible to a more broad an international audience.

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  • Paco de Lucia, Al di Meola y John Mclaughlin 13.65€ #50112UN294 Ref.: 50112UN294

    Paco de Lucia, Al di Meola y John Mclaughlin

    The fusions of Paco with McLaughlin, Di Meola and Coryell have delivered a musical swirl with overwhealming international success. More than once, Paco has gotten close to genres like jazz and salsa. It is interesting to know his opinion of the Fusion Music many talk about: 'Fusion may yield results even if I don't believe in it. In my works with Larry Coryell, John McLaughling and Al Di Meola...

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