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  • The 100 best flamenco sings and Ref.: 50112UN638

    The 100 best flamenco sings and "toques"

    Universal Music presents the definitive compilation for flamenco lovers and amateurs.A smart box with 5 Cds to listen to the best of our music.The famous musicologist and flamenco professor Faustino Nunez has personally selected the 100 themes that make upthe box. The best of the masters of the style: Paco de Lucía, Camarón, Enrique Morente, Tomatito... with the new talents of...

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  • David Palomar.La Viña: Canton Independiente 11.95€ #50046BJ211 Ref.: 50046BJ211

    David Palomar.La Viña: Canton Independiente

    If Aurelio Sellé, Manolo Vargas, Pericón or Chano had looked for a heiress maybe they wouldn't pay attention to this artist who started with the flamenco before becoming "flamencazo". They call him David Palomar and he has the grace of each one of them and also their curiosity and their liberality. Son of an independent side-street in Cadiz: La Viña, at which he doesn't keep...

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  • Women of Water. Javier Limón 24.75€ #50112UN637 Ref.: 50112UN637

    Women of Water. Javier Limón

    The Mediteranean sea and the voices of its women arethe storyline of this CD dedicated to women, and specially, to the women they forbid to sing, for some reasons.Twelve artists from five different countries joined in this CD dedicated to the iranian singers chased.Only one Cd with famous artists like: Estrella Morente, Mariza, Buika, Elefhteria Arvanitakior Carmen Linares. Different music...

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  • Hands. Pepe Habichuela and Dave Holland 16.99€ #50112UN635 Ref.: 50112UN635

    Hands. Pepe Habichuela and Dave Holland

    Flamenco and jazz go together regarding the new project of the Master Pepe Habichuela and the jazz bass player Dave Holland, two monsters in their respective disciplines, who, after sharing experiences in live, decided to express them in Hands. The first one is member of a dynasty which had a big role in the evolution of flamenco and the fusion during the last years. His brother Juan Habichuela...

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  • Frontera. Mixtolobo 11.95€ #50046BJ205 Ref.: 50046BJ205

    Frontera. Mixtolobo

    A Flamenco guitar, an electric guitar, some percussions and an electric bass. The result is the group Mixtolobo. Two of them, Juan Diego Mateos and Jorge Gómez, present the first record result of this music symbiosis: the title is frontera. Rock’n’roll and flamenco are joined in Frontera, a fusion that is hopping mad. This fabulous disc is produced by Los Delinquentes.

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  • Moroneando. SonAires de la Frontera 11.95€ #50046BJ206 Ref.: 50046BJ206

    Moroneando. SonAires de la Frontera

    The band SonAires de la Frontera, which the old name was Son de la Frontera, brought out a new disc called Moroneando. Moroneando, flamenco fusion style, is a disc which is a change of Son de la Frontera and which goes on with the audible line of these universal flamenco sounds. The flamenco guitarist Paco de Amparo leads this change of Son de la Frontera with his new formation SonAires de la...

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  • Morente + Flamenco. Enrique Morente 16.50€ #50112UN631 Ref.: 50112UN631

    Morente + Flamenco. Enrique Morente

    Enrique Morente comes back with the second part of Morente in live, after the marvellous welcome among the press and the specialists for his first live “Morente Flamenco”. Enrique Morente delights us with a new edition which includes his most pure lives since his arrival from Granada to Madrid, with the participation of people from the world art like: Mario Maya, Manolo...

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  • Omega. Enrique Morente 15.90€ #50112UN649 Ref.: 50112UN649

    Omega. Enrique Morente

    Enrique Morente crowns the dialogue between flamenco and rock, collaboraring with the group Lagartija Nick and flamencos like Vicente Amigo, Tomatito or Cañizares, to adapt the poems of Federico García Lorca and themes of Leonard Cohen.

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  • Jose Merce. Ruido 17.90€ #50515EMI632 Ref.: 50515EMI632

    Jose Merce. Ruido

    Coming soon. The flamenco artist Jose Mercé released his new disc, Ruido, in which he paid tribute to the poet Miguel Hernández. In this work, Merce brings again this style over to the popularity without losing neither the soul neither the feeling, characterizing it. The disc begins with Amanecer and continues with Ruido, the song which gives the disc title for bulerías and confirms the spirit...

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  • Marina Heredia. Marina 21.99€ #50112UN629 Ref.: 50112UN629

    Marina Heredia. Marina

    Marina is the new disc of Marina Heredia an album with 9 topics, where we can find Marina Heredia with a voice more mature, for the compass of tangos,bulerías, soleás, malagueñas, seguirillas and alegrías. In this disc we can find as producer and director Jose Quevedo “Bolita”.

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