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  • Flamenco sing atlas 59.90€ #50112UN657 Ref.: 50112UN657

    Flamenco sing atlas

    A route by the most flamenco places of our geography. The flamenco Atlas joins the most authentic styles of each "cantaora" region, interpreted by the most famous people of the genre (Camarón de la Isla, Fosforito, Sabicas, Carmen Linares, La Sallago, Paco de Lucía, El Lebrijano or Juan Habichuela, for instance). They split it in 10 volumes, each one dedicated at one region:1....

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  • Remembranzas. Carmen Linares 16.90€ #50113FN659 Ref.: 50113FN659

    Remembranzas. Carmen Linares

    The singer Carmen Linares presented her disc, Remembranzas, that has been recorded in live during the concert she gave in the Sevilla Maestranza Theatre the last february. The performance counted on the participation of several artist friends like Miguel Poveda and Javier Barón.The artist includes two themes sung in duo with the singer Miguel Poveda and counts on the participation of tha...

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  • De Noche. Antonio Carmona 16.90€ #50112UN656 Ref.: 50112UN656

    De Noche. Antonio Carmona

    De Noche is the title of the second album in solo of Antonio Carmona, entierly composed by him. The comp has been done in Cadiz, to be recorded in Los Angeles with the production of Gustavo Santaolalla. A work temporary known as "soy lo que soy" (i am what i am) in which Bum Bum was going to to be the first single. With a video filmed in India with the collaboration of José Coronado, Kira...

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  • Iberian piano. Chano Domínguez 21.50€ #50515EMI653 Ref.: 50515EMI653

    Iberian piano. Chano Domínguez

    Iberian piano is a happiness for the spanish music. In his new work, Chano Domínguez gathered the essence of Albéniz, Mompou, Granados and Falla work to create it again, immerse it in flamenco and jazz improvisation to transform it in something new with piano and musicians participation like Blas Córdoba ''El Kejío'' (sing, palmas), Tomás Moreno ''Tomasito''...

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  • Camaron de la Isla. 50 Greatest Hits Collection. VOL. II 14.95€ #50112UN651 Ref.: 50112UN651

    Camaron de la Isla. 50 Greatest Hits Collection. VOL. II

    Camarón de la Isla. 50 Greatest Hits Collection.Collection offering the 50 greatest hits of Camarón de la Isla. This repertoire contains the best records of the Universal Music Spain discography, including all the number #1 and her princial hits on radio and sales. We have here a meticulous and new selection, a very different best of, something innovator.Boxed set with 3 CDs incuding the very...

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  • Enrique Morente - Flamenco(Pack 5 CDs) 38.95€ #50511BMG650 Ref.: 50511BMG650

    Enrique Morente - Flamenco(Pack 5 CDs)

    Since the start of his classic career, Enrique Morente as a singer and flamenco artist has been everything except traditional, and won a lot of fans and a lot of detractors, but always imposing his own vision avant gardist of the flamenco art. 5 essential records of Enrique Morente recorded between 1982 and 1996 in only one pack. 5 CDs that introduce us a classic Enrique Morente but engaged on...

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  • Coplas Del Querer. Miguel Poveda (Live from El Liceu of Barcelona). CD + DVD 19.95€ #50112UN645 Ref.: 50112UN645

    Coplas Del Querer. Miguel Poveda (Live from El Liceu of Barcelona). CD + DVD

    Miguel Poveda delights us with his “Coplas del querer live” from El Liceu of Barcelona, a unique and exclusive concert recorded in December of 2010. Coplas del Querer, apart from having been nominated for the Latin Grammies 2009, has been rewarded in three categories “Best album of Spanish Song”, “Best album of 2009” and “Best Arrangements” in the...

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  • Olé Y Amén. Pitingo 17.95€ #50112UN643 Ref.: 50112UN643

    Olé Y Amén. Pitingo

    The new disc of PINTINGO "Olé y Amen" mixes the most soul flamenco that did Souleria the most important disc in2008 and 2009 and the purest roots of flamenco. Artist revelation in 2008/ Mention of the best fusion of othermusics during the Ondas prize in 2009.More than 150 discs sold with Souleria.More than 200.000 people saw the show in Spain.This new disc will have 50% of flamenco passing...

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  • Vicente Amigo.Vivencias. The complete work of a genious (6 CDs + 1 DVD) 39.90€ #50113SM641 Ref.: 50113SM641

    Vicente Amigo.Vivencias. The complete work of a genious (6 CDs + 1 DVD)

    Limited special new packwith all the work of this brilliant guitarist. Since he came out his first album in 1991, VICENTE AMIGO is considered as one of the biggest artist of the flamenca guitar and his carreer is punctuated of gratitudes: Grammy Latino of the best flamenco disc in 2001; best flamenco guitarist for the magazine Guitar Player in 1993; two music awards in 1998 and 1999; a Ondas...

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  • The 100 best flamenco sings and Ref.: 50112UN638

    The 100 best flamenco sings and "toques"

    Universal Music presents the definitive compilation for flamenco lovers and amateurs.A smart box with 5 Cds to listen to the best of our music.The famous musicologist and flamenco professor Faustino Nunez has personally selected the 100 themes that make upthe box. The best of the masters of the style: Paco de Lucía, Camarón, Enrique Morente, Tomatito... with the new talents of...

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