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  • Concerts in live Spain 2010 CD + DVD. Paco de Lucía 24.50€ #50112UN666 Ref.: 50112UN666

    Concerts in live Spain 2010 CD + DVD. Paco de Lucía

    Concerts in live Spain 2010 CD + DVD, is a disc that sums up the tour that the guitarist from Algeciras offered around Spain during the year 2010. Paco de Lucía, in live is a special edition that contains two CD and one DVD with a documentary titulado "immortality" of a concert (more than twenty minuts).Moreover, included the making of of the work's recording.

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  • Malecón Street. Pitingo 17.90€ #50112UN665 Ref.: 50112UN665

    Malecón Street. Pitingo

    Launch on the 29 of novemberIn the Malecon Street, Pinting brings together the work of theses authors who made famous a lot of performers with their songs, but that almost no one would recognize.The union of flamenco roots and the land's sound where each sentence expresses the heart of Cuba.

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  • Traveller. Anoushka Shankar 21.50€ #50112UN664 Ref.: 50112UN664

    Traveller. Anoushka Shankar

    Anoushka Shankar doesn't need to be introduced. She is Ravi Shankar's daughter, and her range at the sitar and as composer is so big and deep that it gives dizziness. From the classical indian music to the experimentation with the contemporary electronic music, Shankar worked with a lot of international artists and developped her own career. Since always fascinated by the flamenco world,...

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  • Flamenco Trilogy (2CD+DVD). Enrique Morente 19.50€ #50112UN668 Ref.: 50112UN668

    Flamenco Trilogy (2CD+DVD). Enrique Morente

    Universal just launched "Flamenco trilogy" of Enrique Morente, a pack in which we find his two most important discs in live "Morente Flamenco" and "Morente + Flamenco", and a DVD about the film of Emilio Barrachina "Morente, the last work of the singer from Grenade", with the performances in the Arab baths of Grenade, the castle of Buitrago of Lozoya, the Liceu of Barcelona. The...

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  • Quijote de los sueños. Arcángel. CD 16.90€ #50ARCG663 Ref.: 50ARCG663

    Quijote de los sueños. Arcángel. CD

    Arcangel defines his fourth disc "Quijote de los sueños" as a varied disc with a lots of themes, with texts of quality, giving new concepts... the pretention is: purity and renovation. Look for new melodies in flamenco with a fresh air.This disc incldes themes as tangos ‘Pa qué tanto discutir’, las alegrías ‘Alas y olas’, la soleá ‘Vivo...

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  • Ref.: 50112UN662

    "Y Soñé". Plaza Sur

    Fran, Salva and Adri are three voices that make up this trio of Malaga, Plaza Sur. Trio that has debuted in the music scene when they were discovered by the producer and songwriter Timmy Ropero (María Jiménez, Malu) in a TV program when called 2Sureños". "Y Soñé" is an album full of pop tunes, cooler flamenco and a chill out version of the mythical"Saeta". Plaza...

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  • Original Sound Track. Enrique Morente 14.50€ #50112UN660 Ref.: 50112UN660

    Original Sound Track. Enrique Morente

    Original Soundtrack of the documentary of the same name. A tribute to the singer who fused flamenco with other styles of music thanks to its innovative creativity. Enjoy songs from his latest album 'Morente' in a book-CD only one in which José Manuel Gamboa, Amelia Castilla, Alejandro Sanz, Barrachina, Dorantes and Javier Limón among others, reminiscent of Granada as an emblematic...

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  • Archive Cante Flamenco. Box 4 64.90€ #50511BMG661 Ref.: 50511BMG661

    Archive Cante Flamenco. Box 4

    Archive Cante Flamenco is a collector's edition. If you want to know everything about flamenco, this collection is necessary. For the first time, this big work of flamenco has been published in 4 Cds, in a copy of an original vinyl box published in 1968, with a book in spanish and in english. These 4 Cds contain 77 themes that are a exhaustive revision of the main "palos del cante" with the...

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  • The ABC and Omega of flamenco. Camarón, Paco de Lucía, Enrique Morente, Miguel Poveda 21.95€ #50112UN658 Ref.: 50112UN658

    The ABC and Omega of flamenco. Camarón, Paco de Lucía, Enrique Morente, Miguel Poveda

    The ABC and Omega of flamenco are four discs with the necessary records of four flamenco masters of all times. This pack is the best way to discover the best flamenco titles with Camarón, Paco de Lucía, Enrique Morente, Miguel Poveda.

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  • Remembranzas. Carmen Linares 16.90€ #50113FN659 Ref.: 50113FN659

    Remembranzas. Carmen Linares

    The singer Carmen Linares presented her disc, Remembranzas, that has been recorded in live during the concert she gave in the Sevilla Maestranza Theatre the last february. The performance counted on the participation of several artist friends like Miguel Poveda and Javier Barón.The artist includes two themes sung in duo with the singer Miguel Poveda and counts on the participation of tha...

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