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  • Songhai 2 - Ketama 16.25€ #50509NM445 Ref.: 50509NM445

    Songhai 2 - Ketama

    The strings of the African kora join those of the Spanish guitar, the palm-clapping, the cajón (box-drum)... in this record born from the meeting between Ketama, Tournani Diabate, the legendary musician from Mali and the cantaor José Soto. This is how this work arises, the fruit of the incredible ease with which flamenco can absorb and merge will all kinds of music. It is indispensable as proof...

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  • Canciones Hondas - Ketama 15.20€ #50509NM504 Ref.: 50509NM504

    Canciones Hondas - Ketama

    The band's first compilation record. It includes pieces from the period when it was still made up by its founding members: José Soto, Sorderita, as a singer and on guitar; Juan Carmona on guitar and Ray Heredia on guitar, percussion and voice; at the same time, Antonio Carmona (percussion and voice) and José Miguel Carmona (guitar) also feature in this record.  

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  • Noches de Iman y  Luna 17.30€ #50509NM439 Ref.: 50509NM439

    Noches de Iman y Luna

    After working with Paco de Lucía for ten years, Cañizares makes his mind up to begin his solo career with this first album, which was considered a great event in the world of flamenco. In this work, he appears as an original and restless musician, and an impeccable instrumentalist. On some tracks, you can hear Carles Benavent's bass.

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  • Las calles de San Blas - Jose el Frances 17.75€ #50509NM499 Ref.: 50509NM499

    Las calles de San Blas - Jose el Frances

    In this album ‘Las calles de San Blas’, he dears mixing bulerias and tanguillos with a bit of reggae. He collaborated with Potito and Ketama.

    Price: 17.75 € (Without taxes)
  • La Barbería del Sur - Nuevos Medios Coleccion 15.55€ #50509NM246 Ref.: 50509NM246

    La Barbería del Sur - Nuevos Medios Coleccion

    La Barbería del Sur lead the second wave of New flamenco bands and picked up right where Pata Negra and Ketama left off, bleding flamenco with other latin styles and jazz. In many aspects there haven't been any other recordings better than the ones La Barbería made with Nuevos Medios. The member's deep flamenco roots and and their spontaneous sprinkles of jazz, latin and african rhythms yielded...

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  • La Barberia del Sur - La Barberia del Sur 17.75€ #50509NM514 Ref.: 50509NM514

    La Barberia del Sur - La Barberia del Sur

    It is the first album of one of the most representative band of the new flamenco. Enrique Heredia and Juan José Suarez are mixing flamenco with pop music.

    Price: 17.75 € (Without taxes)
  • Flamenco lo seras tu 17.30€ #50509NM424 Ref.: 50509NM424

    Flamenco lo seras tu

    Tino is a percussionist and battery, who recorded more than 50 CD’s of the flamenco style. This is his second CD, an experimental work, eclectic, with a large variety of styles.

    Price: 17.30 € (Without taxes)
  • Mi secreto pirata. Jose Soto. Sorderita. CD 13.10€ #50509NM431 Ref.: 50509NM431

    Mi secreto pirata. Jose Soto. Sorderita. CD

    José Soto Barea ‘Sorderita’ is considered as one of the father of New Flamenco. Son of  Sordera de Jerez and member of the biggest singing dynasty, he is a great composer and an amazing flamenco character. His albums are an authentic reference of  the new flamenco. Among his tittles: ' Mi secreto pirata'.

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  • 10 De Paco 18.35€ #50509NM432 Ref.: 50509NM432

    10 De Paco

    Ten great songs by Paco de Lucía except de song 'Se me partió la barrena', played by Jorge Pardo on sax and flute, and by Chano Domínguez on the piano. They are accompanied by Javier Colina on the double bass, Tino Di Geraldo on percussion and Luis Dulzaides on the congas, bongos and shekere. Pieces composed by the maestro from Algeciras, without guitar, and with a very strong jazz flavour.

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  • A tiempo 17.30€ #50509NM436 Ref.: 50509NM436

    A tiempo

    The third album of Diego 'A tiempo', reflects the genetic wealth of innovation and creativeness that Diego Carrasco possesses as a guitarist, composer, cantaor (flamenco singer) and producer. In this work, he brings together great figures of flamenco and jazz to produce a rhytmic and surrealist flamenco, which is full of spontaneity and freshness. There is such a variety of themes, musicians,...

    Price: 17.30 € (Without taxes)
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