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  • El arte de lo invisible - Ketama 13.10€ #50112UN162 Ref.: 50112UN162

    El arte de lo invisible - Ketama

    In 'El arte de lo invisible', released in 1993, the Carmona trio took a huge leap that secured them massive success among the public. 'Demasiado Corazón', featuring Aurora, or 'Vengo de Borrachera', are two of the highlights of this album. 'El arte de lo invisible' is a good chance to hear some of the origins of this Gypsy band that, almost 15 years ago, spearheaded this flamenco-pop mix known...

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  • ... Y es ke me han kambiao los tiempos. Ketama 10.35€ #50112UN163 Ref.: 50112UN163

    ... Y es ke me han kambiao los tiempos. Ketama

    It was in 1990 when Ketama released 'Y es ke me han kambiao los tiempos', immediately achieving success among other flamenco musicians, a genre which they've enriched through a mixture of pop and Latin ryhthms. Let's not forge that Ketama spearheaded this flamenco-pop mix known as New Flamenco, almost 15 years ago.

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  • Karma - Ketama 14.15€ #50509NM486 Ref.: 50509NM486

    Karma - Ketama

    A compilation record that features the works that were published between 1988 and 1990. It involves the participation of Ray Heredia, Aurora, Toumani Diabate and Sorderita.

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  • Ketama 11.45€ #50509NM501 Ref.: 50509NM501


    The first work by Ketama. It was released in 1985, although it had been recorded two years earlier. At the time, the band, which was formed by José Soto, Juan Carmona, José Heredia and Antonio Carmona, represented a gamble in the recording world which would later reap its benefits. Ketama already enjoyed the involvement of important figures. This first record featured the participation, among...

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  • Un okupa en tu corazon Raimundo Amador 10.35€ #50112UN152 Ref.: 50112UN152

    Un okupa en tu corazon Raimundo Amador

    'Un okupa en tu corazón' [A squatter in your heart] is Raimundo's fourth record as a solo artist. Raimundo emphasizes that this is his 'more guitar based' album. Flamenco, rock, blues, jazz and funk guitars, all tuned by himself, can be heard along the 12 tracks of the CD. Raimundo adds that he has put a lot of stress on 'the urban content of the lyrics', and explores more deeply 'the Latin...

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  • Pa gente con alma - Ketama 13.10€ #50112UN167 Ref.: 50112UN167

    Pa gente con alma - Ketama

    'Pá gente con alma', published in 1992, is Ketama's sixth studio album, named as a tribute to Ray Heredia, founding memeber of the band who had recently died due to an overdose. This album also evidences the differences between the Cardona's adn José Soto 'Sorderita', another member of the band who didn't even participate in the recording.

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  • Pata negra 13.10€ #50112UN170 Ref.: 50112UN170

    Pata negra

    1981 witnesses the release of the first Pata Negra album, and eponymous album that set the record for future works, combining electrifying and flamenco guitars with an innate self-confidence. Tracks like 'Blues de los niños' (Kids Blues), 'Rock del Cayetano' or 'Los managers', clearly show that the Amador brothers (Raimundo and Rafael) have found a holy grail of unsuspected richness and enormous...

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  • Rock gitano - Pata Negra 13.10€ #50112UN214 Ref.: 50112UN214

    Rock gitano - Pata Negra

    Rock Gitano is a magnificent flamenco-rock fusion piece of work. It's quality is seen through Raimundo's mastery of the guitar and Rafael's blends of tarantos with rock and roll in his voice. The band brings together rock, 'Levante', tanguillos, 'Badajoz', all types of bulerías, tangos, blues and even a cover of Allman Brothers Band's 'Jessica'.

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  • Undebel - Diego El Cigala 11.00€ #50515EMI183 Ref.: 50515EMI183

    Undebel - Diego El Cigala

    Dieguito "El Cigala" [his nickname literally translates for "Dublin Bay prawn"] debut album is Undebel, for which he had all-star line-up of guests including David Amaya, Tomatito, Juan José Suarez 'Paquete', Ramón Jiménez y Manuel Parrila (guitar), Chaboli, Piraña, Negri y Bandolero, on the percussion.

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  • Rumba Argelina - Radio Tarifa 13.65€ #50511BMG188 Ref.: 50511BMG188

    Rumba Argelina - Radio Tarifa

    Rumba Argelina succeeds in representing 'its place at the meeting point between Iberia and Africa [...], maintaining the miraculous balance of a tight rope walker, tilting first one way and then another, without ever falling back into either country.", as reflected in tu blurb.Radio Tarifa are thoroughly 'contemporary', but in this case the word doesn't signify turntables, expensive remixes and...

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