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  • Con poderio (nuestro mejor flamenco) 12.45€ #50515EMI115 Ref.: 50515EMI115

    Con poderio (nuestro mejor flamenco)

    A grouping of flamencos from the past and the present, along with a handful of songs that make history, and an overview of the young and daring flamenco, the one for rumbas, the one for the streets. On the flip-side a museum of vintage art, it was pure; the one from before, full of tints and shades. With this 2 disc album one can enjoy a wonderful journey through all of Spain's flamenco from...

    Price: 12.45 € (Without taxes)
  • Flamenco por derecho 9.95€ #50113PS260 Ref.: 50113PS260

    Flamenco por derecho

    "Flamenco por derecho" is a compiled CD, the most famous flamenco singers songs: Ana Reverte, Juana la del Revuelo, Pansequito, Estrellita castro, Pepe Pinto, Niño Marchena.

    Price: 9.95 € (Without taxes)
  • b.s.o. sevillanas 7.25€ #50112UN64 Ref.: 50112UN64

    b.s.o. sevillanas

    On January 1992 the filming for the movie 'Sevillanas' came to an end. The movie was on the world of the danza and was released on January 28th of the same year. The film is graced by guitarrists Manolo Sanlúcar and Paco de Lucía, and Camarón de la Isla, Rocío Jurado and Lola Flore. It showcased on September 9th in the XLIX Mostra de Cine de Venecia under the experimental category 'Ventana...

    Price: 7.25 € (Without taxes)
  • Esencial Flamenco Vol. 1 5.95€ #50084510516 Ref.: 50084510516

    Esencial Flamenco Vol. 1

    "Esencial flamenco" is a cds collection including songs from important flamenco artists."Esencial flamenco vol.1" offers 14 themes, all sung by genius like Antonio El Sevillano, Lola Flores, Canalejas de Puerto Real, Manolo El Malagueño, El Turronero, Indio Gitano... among others.

    Price: 5.95 € (Without taxes)
  • Esencial Flamenco Vol. 5 5.95€ #50084510554 Ref.: 50084510554

    Esencial Flamenco Vol. 5

    "Esencial flamenco" is a cds collection including songs from important flamenco artists."Esencial flamenco vol.5" offers 14 themes, all sung by genius like Manolo El Malagueño, Juanito Valderrama, Angelillo, Agujeta El Viejo, La Niña de la Puebla, Tomás Pavón, Pepe Marchena, Pepe Pinto... among others.

    Price: 5.95 € (Without taxes)
  • Frente a Frente Vicente Amigo y Manolo Sanlucar 12.60€ #50113SME323 Ref.: 50113SME323

    Frente a Frente Vicente Amigo y Manolo Sanlucar

    Frente a Frente is a compilation of songs by Vicent Amigo (the entire De mi corazón al aire album) and Manolo Sanlúcar (16 songs.) It was professionally originated in the group Manolo Sanlúcar was a part of for five years. In 1989, Vicente Amigo decided to begin his solo carreer by performing at the Festival Nacional del Cante de las Minas de la Unión; he was awarded the first prize.

    Price: 12.60 € (Without taxes)
  • Archive Cante Flamenco. Box 4 64.90€ #50511BMG661 Ref.: 50511BMG661

    Archive Cante Flamenco. Box 4

    Archive Cante Flamenco is a collector's edition. If you want to know everything about flamenco, this collection is necessary. For the first time, this big work of flamenco has been published in 4 Cds, in a copy of an original vinyl box published in 1968, with a book in spanish and in english. These 4 Cds contain 77 themes that are a exhaustive revision of the main "palos del cante" with the...

    Price: 64.90 € (Without taxes)
  • Por tangos 12.35€ #50515EMI142 Ref.: 50515EMI142

    Por tangos

    'Por Tangos,' is a compilation of only tango interpretations which brings together the best flamenco cantaores; including:  Juana la del Revuelo, Carmen Linares, Enrique Morente, Remedios Amaya, Tomatito, Esperanza Fernández, Manuel Soto “Sordera”, Fernanda de Utrera, Juan el de la Vara, Gabriel Moreno, Chocolate, Chato de la Isla and Perla de Cádiz.

    Price: 12.35 € (Without taxes)
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