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  • Vicente Amigo.Vivencias. The complete work of a genious (6 CDs + 1 DVD) 39.90€ #50113SM641 Ref.: 50113SM641

    Vicente Amigo.Vivencias. The complete work of a genious (6 CDs + 1 DVD)

    Limited special new packwith all the work of this brilliant guitarist. Since he came out his first album in 1991, VICENTE AMIGO is considered as one of the biggest artist of the flamenca guitar and his carreer is punctuated of gratitudes: Grammy Latino of the best flamenco disc in 2001; best flamenco guitarist for the magazine Guitar Player in 1993; two music awards in 1998 and 1999; a Ondas...

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  • Poeta. Vicente Amigo 13.45€ #50113SME114 Ref.: 50113SME114

    Poeta. Vicente Amigo

    'Poeta' was released in 1997 and it's Amigo's third CD. Composed in 1995 and originally entitled 'Concierto flamenco para un marinero en tierra', 'Poeta' represents a beautiful meadow in the middle of an incomparable view: Alberti's poetry, Amigo's flamenco guitar, and the majestic sypmhonic ennsamble La Orquesta de Córdoba, conducted by Leo Brower, a key player not only in the Cuban music but...

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  • Sonata Suite. Tomatito and Joseph Pons with the National Spanish Orchestra 17.50€ #50112UN627 Ref.: 50112UN627

    Sonata Suite. Tomatito and Joseph Pons with the National Spanish Orchestra

    Sonata Suite is a disc live recorded in the slaughterhouse of Madrid in September of 2008 and with recordings in the National Auditorium of Madrid. The antecedents are recordings of orchestras that accompany the flamenco style (guitar, clapping, percussion boxes…). But for the first time a symphony orchestra plays flamenco. For the first time a flamenco artist edits with a classic stamp...

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  • Abolengo. Paco Cepero 11.95€ #50046BJ161 Ref.: 50046BJ161

    Abolengo. Paco Cepero

    In Abolengo, Paco Cerero includes eleven great themes that show us all the generosity of the master in his fifty years of artistic life.

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  • Yaharí 18.90€ #50112UN14 Ref.: 50112UN14


    At the young age of 25, José Ángel Carmona has had a long musical career. At 17 he formed a flamenco group whith which he recorded his first album and performed all over Andalucía.His shot at the big time came on October 2002 when he participated in the 'cazatalentos' talent contest from the Canal Fiesta Radio for young promising artists. He was unanimously chosen the winner by the judge panel...

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  • Ciudad de las ideas. Vicente Amigo 22.05€ #50511BMG120 Ref.: 50511BMG120

    Ciudad de las ideas. Vicente Amigo

    Ciudad De Las Ideas is the fourth album of one of the most important Flamenco guitarrists today. Following the succes of his work with José Mercé, Vicente Amigo returns with a mostly instrumental album but with the collaborations of cantaores like Dieguito and Montse Cortés.'Let nobody think I have attempted to put music to the art of Kavafis, Alberti or any other poet... it's only about...

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  • Un momento en el sonido - Vicente Amigo 20.95€ #50511BMG480 Ref.: 50511BMG480

    Un momento en el sonido - Vicente Amigo

    Vicente Amigo is giving his best in this album. After five years without publishing an alum alone, Vicente Amigo comes back with 'Un momento en el sonido'. A flamenco album, in which there is the cooperation of Tino di Geraldo and Joan Albert Amargos and the singers Antonio Villar and 'Potito'. 'Un momento en el sonido' is the best song of the album. The rhythmic originality of the rumba...

    Price: 20.95 € (Without taxes)
  • La Guitarra Española 12.05€ #50113FS261 Ref.: 50113FS261

    La Guitarra Española

    La Guitarra Española released under Fonografica del Sur is a compilation album with excellent songs such as: Angelitos negros, Guantanamera, Agua dulce, agua salá, Solamente una vez and Moliendo café. It is an enjoyable listen.

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  • Grandes guitarras del flamenco 22.55€ #50112UN21 Ref.: 50112UN21

    Grandes guitarras del flamenco

    A compilation in a double disc, it gathers the best Flamenco artists. It gives a broad journey through the palos of Flamenco with its cast: Enrique de Melchor, Manolo Sanlucar, Sabicas, Ramon de Algeciras, Niño Miguel, Paquera de Jerez, Manuel Morao, Pepe de Lucía, Fosforito, Paco de Lucía, Pedro Peña and  María la Perrata.

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  • Paseo de los Castaños. Tomatito 14.95€ #50112UN31 Ref.: 50112UN31

    Paseo de los Castaños. Tomatito

    The Tomatito we all know comes back with new colors and sounds in this album, named after the street where he lives "Paseo de los Castaños."A colaboration with George Benson is heard in the song "La Vacilona."Tomatito uses new guitars and melodic techniques. There is a turkish song orchestrated by Joan Alberto Amargós. Musicians include El Paquete, Tino di Geraldo, Javier Colina, Bernardo...

    Price: 14.95 € (Without taxes)
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